Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Storms 2013

Our last two winters in Kansas City have been mostly mild until
Thursday Feb. 21, 2013

 Our driveway measured 11.5 inches

Another storm begin plummeting the Kansas City area
yesterday.  Here are some photos from our yard today  
 He NUTS for being out in this weather!

 These Rose of Sharon bushes snow-flattened usually stand as tall as the power lines above them.

Our driveway and 6 foot neighbor's fence comparison... yikes!
Time to shovel.

Or I should say, time for my sweet husband to shovel.  It took him three days last week to shovel away the first storm, now this.
Maybe it is time to hire someone to plow our double-lane,
35-40' driveway.

Photo update from a local photo at the Kansas City Zoo:

I know it is early, but to celebrate winter storm 2 and our office being closed, I'm thinking a cup of coffee drizzled with Bailey's sounds tempting.

Hope you are safely inside and warm today.