Thursday, January 15, 2015

Christmas 2014 Matchbox Swap

Lynne Legge and I did a one-on-one Christmas 2014 
altered matchbox swap.
Please enjoy the beautiful box Lynne created for me

Double drawers - one filled with goodies and the other a darling handmade clay snowman diorama

Here is my matchbox to Lynn

The box was a little tricky to open as you did not want to smash the trees while holding it.  The inside box slid out smoothly on its base and was filled with Christmassy treasures. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas 2014 Altered Paper Bag Swap

Welcome Back!

In my previous post Christmas Gathering with the Girls , I mentioned I would share our Christmas Altered Paper Bag Swap.

Here are our pages bound into a book
 See how all the wonderful tidbits and snippets of lace, ribbon and other embellishments hang off of the individual pages to enhance the book!

The artists pages
Gail Sell, front page...amazing snow globe!

Gail Sell, inside pages

Gail Sell, back page and her pretty tag

Nora Neeley, front page...angelic embellishments!

Nora Neeley, inside pages and her darling tags
peeking out of double side pockets.

Nora Neeley, back page

Beth Leintz, front page...Sweet, Charming, Old Fashion Christmas!

Beth Leintz, inside pages and her lovely tag

Beth Leintz, back page

Marj Sell, front page...Merry & Bright!

Marj Sell, inside pages and her tags.
The square on the right page is filled with glimmery white snow and can be shaken to 'Let It SNOW'

Marj Sell, back page

My front page...Retro!

My inside pages with my wishful tag.
The Christmas 1959 photo on the right side is a real photo of
me and my sisters.  

My back page

Altered paper bags, matchboxes, tins, etc. never cease to amaze me how they can be transformed and created into amazing artwork!

Thank you Gail, Nora, Beth and Marj for joining this swap!
I LOVE our Keepsake book!

Friday, January 9, 2015

2014 Evening Star Button Club Christmas Party

Oh my, I am so behind on blog posting and getting things reorganized from the Christmas season!

Our local Evening Star Button Club was founded in June 2005.  
Which means this June we'll be in our 10th year!
Our first decade...a celebration is in-order!

 Today, I am sharing with you our 2014 Evening Star Button Club's Christmas party.

 This year we gathered at my home, spending the day together with a scrumptious potluck, our button-related handmade gift exchange, Button Bingo and time in my studio creating.

We began with lunch

For many years we've shared a gift exchange of button-related gifts that we handmake.
We make a gift for every member, so everyone gets one another's gift.

Here are Venita, Lee and Jennifer as we begin exchanging our gifts 

 Lisa posing with Pam's altered mini matchbox button ornament.
Some gifts were created identically, while others varied in color, buttons, etc.

Here our button-related handmade gifts 
 Pam Kenney's altered mini matchbox button (slides out) ornament.

Lee Wehner's pin cushion with button fabric and button-shaped pins.
Each pin cushion sported a different center button.

 Jennifer Finley's flower pin with Mother of Pearl button and bead center.

Lori Stites finger-crocheted button necklace.

Lisa Richter's bracelet made with freshwater pearl beads and vintage buttons.

Tara Boynton's tree ornament/mini wall hanging offering a patchwork of Christmas buttons
& Christmas themes she made with buttons.  

Venita Lieffring's hand-drawn and colored button images (fired-on) coffee mug 
and button fabric coaster.

My pencil & tool holder from a recycled tin can.

Next Lee led us in Christmas Bingo.
We donated buttons and other small gifts to the goodie box.  Each time someone was a winner they got to open the goodie box and choose their prize.  
While the game drug-on at times, it was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed winning some great prizes!

Some of our members had to leave early, but for those that stayed we spent a couple of hours in my studio creating Christmas canvas art


Lisa's canvas


Lori's canvas


Venita's canvas

Lee's canvas

My unfinished canvas

Sadly not all our members could join us and some had to leave early.  We missed them!   

The Evening Star Button Club meets in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  If you're near this area and are interested in a nighttime button club, please email me.