Friday, January 17, 2020

Catching up 2019 - October. The Art of Friendship

(Edited 1/18/20:  Updated info under Class #1- Altered Tart Tin Dolls)

The last quarter of the year always seems to race by me!
So, my next few blog posts will be 'Catching Up' 2019.

October 2019 
In October 2019, I hosted my first art event - The Art of Friendship.
 We are blessed when we share in nurturing friendships and creativity!

The Art of Friendship began on Thursday night with dinner at the Silo Modern Farmhouse.
The following morning we had early access to shopping at Kansas City's Historic
West Bottoms Antique District store, Good Juju.
Followed by additional West Bottoms shopping and lunch.

On Saturday we gathered in my home to share 12 hours of creative fun and friendship!   

Counter of extra supply goodies

 Class #1 - Altered Tart Tin Dolls
My idea was to join together 1950s Sleepy Eye Dolls with a vintage tart tin as their bodice skirt.  
The doll's head/torso needed to be above the tart tin and the bottom/legs below it. 
The doll was too big to fit through the width of the tart tin.
After thoughtful consideration and prototypes, I found a way to
separate the dolls and rejoin them through the tart tin bodice skirt.   

Here is my before & after prototype

Being that Halloween was nearing, our Altered Tart Tin Dolls were dressed as Glam Witches.
Except for one doll that became a Glam Black Cat.
Some dolls had their tart tin showing, but most were barely visible.
Instead it served as a great form to create amazing poofy Glam Witches ballgowns.

 1/18/20 Update: These dolls were trickier than they may look.  They were not simply foofed up in their ball gowns.  Each person created their own gown design as well as assembled their doll.  The doll was cut into two parts and had to be connected through the tart tin in a manner that was balanced to keep the doll from falling over.  Sections of the dolls were dressed before they were connected.  Once connected, additional gown designing and accessories were created to complete the Altered Tart Tin Halloween Glam Dolls.

Class #2 - Tassel Necklace Pendants

 Tassel pendants were made using various colors of silk sari ribbon, vintage seam binding,
ribbons, lace, rhinestones, beads, cut-hollowed knife handles, pendant caps and corks.


All the tassel pendants were amazing, but unfortunately some of their pics were too blurry to share.

Class #3 - Altered Halloween Shoes
 Each person received one single Misses shoe and one single child's shoe
to alter with a variety of Halloween goodies.

Here are some of their creations

Pumpkin Swaps 

Card Swaps

What a wonderful weekend we had!

Can hardly wait for The Art of Friendship 2020!

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Our 2019 Christmas Home

I love to decorate our home for Christmas.
Nearly every nook and cranny gets a bit of holiday spirit.

Merry Christmas from our home to yours...





May your hearts and homes be filled with Joy & Love!