Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Button Room - Reclaimed Bedroom

For nearly 16 years one of our extra bedroom housed my "Button Room".
It was home to my computer, educational materials & reference books, display cabinets filled with my collections of buttons & buckles along with my competition trays and favorite buttons & buckles showcased as framed artwork.  

I am a collector of antique, vintage, modern & studio clothing buttons & buckles- fascinating, incredible works of art, history, science & culture.  I have been collecting since 1996.

I searched my photos and learned after all these years I have just one photo of my Button Room.
Sadly it only shows one small corner and just a few buttons. 
 I've spent many hours studying/researching buttons and button-related topics in my Button Room.
Many hours were also spent handling business as a former President, Vice President & Show Chairman for the Kansas State Button Society as well as Editor for the Missouri State Button Society.  

 As the years went by this room accumulated too much stuff and was long over-due to be rehabbed.
Last Autumn I decided it was time to reclaim my Button Room to its original purpose, a bedroom.

Little by little walls were repaired, walls & ceiling repainted and piece by piece furniture was acquired to create a bedroom

 (above in photo 2 you will see a new addition - French lighting wall sconce)

 Our reclaimed bedroom is serene and comfortable.
It was fun searching for the pieces that now furnish it.

Although I no longer have a dedicated Button Room, the contents of my Button Room were moved to other storage areas of our home and are just a fingertip away (smile).



Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Peeks of Love around our home

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Love & Friendship

Girlfriends Gathering, gathered recently at my home for a day of
Valentine's Day arts & crafts.

We shared the day creating various artwork...
lace hearts
cotton batting hearts
canvas art

Here are some peeks into our wonderful day together


Thanks Beth for sharing this photo of your finished cotton batting heart

 Karla has been creating lace hearts like Karla to see them. 

 Blessed & grateful these women are part of my life!
I love these amazing women!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Our 2016 Christmas Home

  Christmas decorating at our home is a major process.
My basement holiday storage area becomes like Grand Central Station.
Boxes are unpacked, piles of goodies filled with memories are sorted
box by box
tree by tree

Vignettes are planned
Inspiration begins
Hours of background Christmas movies and Christmas music play
Cups of coffee, Eggnog and wine
Brimmed-filled storage boxes along with snipped Evergreen branches turn into
Our Christmas home






 However pretty all the Christmas decorating may be,
may the true beauty of Christmas
fill your hearts and homes.
Christmas Blessings to you!