Sunday, August 18, 2019

Summer Home Decor 2019

While I don't live near the ocean, seashells, mermaids
and ocean life come visit my home during the Summertime

 Thank you Angie!

 Hope you enjoy these last of our Summer days...Autumn 
will be here soon and I can hardly wait for it!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Mermaid Altered Bottles & Good Friends!

In July, Girlfriends Gathering, gathered at my home for Summertime crafting.

It was, as always, an amazing day filled with good friends, good food and creating!

I had done some purging in my small studio and
found I had way too many,
Altered Bottles was our artsy craft for the day.

Of course with it being Summer,
Mermaids were the theme
Lee's Altered Mermaid Bottle

Lee first tried color fairy lights to illuminate her bottle.
Followed up by switching to white fairy lights

Nora's Altered Mermaid Bottle

While searching for mermaid images, I found most
mermaids have long, flowing, curly red hair.
Few are blonde and only found two as brunettes.

Nora chose a brunette mermaid to adorn

Love this text on the backside of her bottle!
(Several of us used it too)

  I think the way Beth's story goes is she found her bottle at
an estate sale that morning on her way here...
her bottle was blue and perfect!

Here's a different view showing a wonderful Beachy tag
(I think she may have made at one of our prior Gatherings)

Kim created her mermaid bottle in
her delightful, colorful Bohemian style
painting in her mermaid image

Gail chose not to create a mermaid bottle. 
She loves purple and chose to create this beauty

Rather than a mermaid bottle, Karla worked on her
Click on the above links to see more of Karla's gorgeous cards.

 My mermaid bottle

It was a good day!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Transforming Curb Side Junk

Once a year our city offers residents large item 'JUNK' pick up.

Most of the time it is old toilets, mattresses, out-dated TVs,
broken down furniture, etc.

Fun or curiosity, we count yearly the more unusual
items that are 'junked' in excess.  
This year it was 12 baby cribs and 3 pink toilets.

Throughout the years I have found many great items.
However, the past few years 'good junk' has been minimal. 

That changed this year!
We found antiques, vintage, furniture
and garden items. 

Here is my best SCORE...

This center walnut-stained shelf.
I thought it would fit my mantel and it did!

I love the original wood of this piece, but the 
wood had some issues, besides it was too dark for my room.

So, I chose to repaint it with Annie Sloan white chalk paint.
It took me 32 hours to paint this piece with three coats of chalk paint 
mainly using a 3/4" brush on the scrolls/details and columns.
To finish it, I hand-waxed it.

 First coat of chalk paint.

Now finished, it sits as a cabinet shelf on my mantel.

Love my 'JUNK' find!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Recreating Mona Lisa

Sometimes on our girlfriend road trips,
we like to include an art project.

Recently for Girls Fun Weekend, Part 2
Gail gifted us with Mona Lisa cabinet dolls
from the Outlet Store of Victoria Trading Co. 

One glance and we knew we had to transform her!

Instead of recreating drab Mona Lisa, we transformed her.  

Drab Mona Lisa was painted with primer. 

Nora graciously offered to paint our individual dolls
to resemble each of us.



 Each of us had our own design ideas.
With lace, fabric, paint, pearls, rhinestones, feathers,
decoupaged images, butterflies and miscellaneous trims,
we transformed her.

I knew immediately I wanted mine to
wear a Marie Antoinette French costume.

I created a wire wide-bustle.  Wrapped the bustle
with paper-mache and wired it around her waist.

Next, I begin cutting and creating various layers of 
French-style fabrics for her dress, with an under slip
of scrim to poof her dress.

Mademoiselle Tamara

Gail's drab Mona Lisa transformed
in lace, bling and sweet pink roses

Mademoiselle Gail

Nora's became a lovely Peacock-influenced beauty

Mademoiselle Nora

At Junk Jubilee we bought vintage salt shaker metal lids.
The vendor had a huge bowl of these lids. 
He thought someone would find a purpose for them.
He asked us how we planned on using them.
We all said "hats of course".

For each of our hats we used one of these lids as a hat base.
It works great to secure decorations through the holes! 

What a fun project!



Monday, May 20, 2019

Girls Weekend Fun - Part 2

Weren't those tulips shared in Girls Weekend Fun
Part 2 of our trip includes Junk Jubilee,
West End Salvage and Recreating Mona Lisa.
 While we enjoyed this years Spring Junk Jubilee, 
it was a bit disappointing as there weren't as many vendors
for inspirational ideas or items to buy.
Apparently Junk Jubilee and Junk Stock were in
competition with one another that weekend. 

Ready to shop and be inspired!
Great junk & inspiration

Although it was a smaller show,
sharing fun & inspiration 
with good friends,
is always a great time!

Next stop, West End Salvage
Nora is often missing from our pics 
as she is the one that remembers to take photos...
Thank you Nora for the pics!

West End Salvage is known for creating 
reclaimed architectural items into
functional and works of art decor.
Also available are antique and 
vintage lightening, doors, furniture
and miscellaneous items.
Here Gail & I are with Don Short,
owner of West End Salvage.
Antique doors & lightening  

This door is in the center stairway

If you visit WES, be sure to enjoy their coffee shop!

Recreating Mona Lisa

Earlier I mentioned Recreating Mona Lisa
would be included in this post.

There really is a lot to share, so
I will post it separately. 

Here's a sneak preview

From drab
to Fab....
Please check back to see what changes we made.

See you soon!