Saturday, July 12, 2014

Belle's One Year Anniversary & 2nd Birthday

Today marks our one year anniversary of when we rescued Belle.

Belle getting ready to come home with us

Belle had just turned 1 year old when we adopted her.
Here she is after arriving home with us - taking a break from running and playing ball

Belle age 13 months
We found out she is a power chewer.  This rope toy only lasted a short time.   

Age 14 months
She loves to be a lap dog - all 76 pounds of her!
(she is now 80 lbs.)

Age 14 months
One of her favorite spots

Age 15 months
Belle lounging with Cody

Age 17 months
Napping with Jordan

19 months

20 months
(I love this photo toned in sepia)

20 months

23 months
Hanging out with Jordan & Cody

Happy 2nd Birthday Belle!


On our way to the dog park Belle got an eye injury.  She was so excited to get into the car she did not wait for the tailgate to fully open.  She received a small cut by her right eye and it swelled.  It did not stop her from enjoying her trip to Heritage dog park. 

Above photo of Belle after she enjoyed her Birthday...

It had been four years since our beloved Lady had passed away.  It is a hard decision whether to get another pet.  The time came we knew we were ready to adopt and rescue another dog.
In truth a pet rescues us.

Happy 2nd Birthday Belle!
Happy 1st Anniversary Belle!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Amazing Swaps and Beth's Apron!

It's hard to believe Birdsong 4 ended nearly a month ago.
We eagerly anticipated its arrival and then all too soon it was over... that is until next year!

The Birdsong swaps are always amazing!  Here are the GORGEOUS swaps I received...

My BIRDSONG banner swap from Terri
I totally love & adore my banner!
I hung it directly over my work table in my studio where it inspires me daily.
Its serene colors and design speak peace & calmness to me.  
Thank you Terri!

Gail gifted me with her BEAUTIFULLY altered Altoid tin

filled with lovelies including this necklace she made

For my birthday she also tucked in this gorgeous altered mini Altoid tin she created into
a locket necklace  
Thank you Gail for all my beauties - I cherish them!
The last day of Birdsong the coveted door prize of Beth's apron was announced... Karla pulled the name from the drawing, walked silently over to our side of the room, came slowly down the aisle towards me.  I thought to myself how lucky for Heather or Nora as one of them must be the winner.  As Karla got near to me she gave me 'the look' and I screamed did I win it?  Yes I had!

My heart immediately filled with joy, tears welled in my eyes as you see I also won Beth's apron from last year too.  Not to be greedy, but I am sure hoping I win the 2015 apron as it will give me three of her aprons and as we know, three = a collection!  



  Beth, thank you for your beautiful apron donation!
I am thrilled to have two thus far in my collection!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Enjoy a Swap Journey with Me of Birdsong 2014

Please get comfy with a cup of coffee maybe even a glass of wine as this is a really long post.
One of my favorite parts of Birdsong is sharing creative swaps with fellow Peeps!

This year we had three swaps, a creative banner of BIRDSONG or FLY AWAY, an altered avian/garden Altoid tin and an altered bottle.  I signed up for all three swaps.

Here are my creations...

My BIRDSONG banner swap partner was Terri Wilkerson 
Terri & I chose our banner to spell out BIRDSONG

Terri had mentioned she'd be happy with a shorter word like SING, so on the reverse side of Birdsong I created a second banner of SING.  I used vintage & new tidbits of paper, lace, fabric, jewels, buttons, ribbons, trims, decoupaged napkins, feathers, acorns, millinery flowers & more.

I was thrilled Terri Wilkerson and I were partnered.  We share similar styles and I knew I'd love anything she would create!  I am looking for a photo that someone else took of me when I received her banner - can't find it.  I sooooo LOVE her banner and I will share it as soon as I get a photo. 

My altered avian/garden themed Altoid tin was to swap recipient Linda Postman.  Linda does not currently have a blog, but if she ever does, I know I will be a follower!   
Here's the tin I made for Linda
Linda LOVES bright, bold beautiful colors. I felt these colors were perfect for her.
The center gift box I created with vintage paper & handmade ruching to house her tin.

My last swap was an altered bottle swap.  This was my very first time to create an altered bottle.
I may be hooked on them!

This swap was not partnered, but was a number draw.  I hardly ever keep anything I create, but my hubby & I both really liked my bottle.  We chuckled maybe fate would bring it back home with me. 

Everyone of the altered bottles were beautifully created and to have any one of them would have been a blessing, but as it was, I was given the matching number to my bottle.  I'm not sure if it was fate or not, but I was delighted to keep my own bottle and bring it back home with me.

I still need to take photos of the incredible banner and altered tin I received.  Once I do, I will get them posted as I you will want to see them - they are beautifully amazing!

Until then, here are some photos showing the various swaps that were exchanged. 
I apologize if you were a swapper and your creation is not shown here.
Some of my photos were too blurry for use. 

Banner Swaps


Altered Avian/Garden Altoid Tin Swap

Altered Bottle Swaps


Well that's it for now.
I'll be working on snapping some photos of the incredible banner and altered tin I received, so please check back to peek at them.  
Thanks for getting comfy and sharing the journey through our creative swaps.
 Hugs, Tami