Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Very Merry Unbirthday Cake Swap - 2

In my last post I shared the wonderful
I received from my swap partner Marsha at Tattered Chick.

Here is the cake I created for Marsha

 Inside birthday gifts

I really enjoyed creating this for Marsha as it includes
colors & textures that I love too.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Creative Wings, A Very Merry Unbirthday Cake Swap

Tabitha from Creative Wings recently hosted a fun swap,
"A Very Merry Unbirthday Cake Swap"

Swappers were partnered up with fellow swappers that shared similar color palettes to create a birthday cake filled
with small trinkets... to celebrate our birthdays whenever they might be

My swap partner was Marsha from Tattered Chick

Here is my sweet unbirthday cake from Marsha

Creative awesomeness, it's on a pedestal

 filled with the wonder & excitement of birthday trinkets

Swoon worthy, wouldn't you say?

Thank you Marsha for my beautiful cake and birthday trinkets!

Thank you Tabitha for a fun and wonderful swap!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

What I Did On My Summer Vacation - Part 3

I had an incredible summer vacation!  

My last night there, Laurie & Dennis treated me to one of their favorite Italian restaurants in Colorado Springs, CO - 
Roman Villa
Isn't this a great vintage sign and original building?
The Roman Villa was quaint and charming. 

The food, atmosphere and friends were amazing!
A great finale to the last night of my vacation.

Thank you Laurie, Dennis & Ben for your lovely hospitality!

Can't forget sharing these model photos 

They are so sweet!

My flight did not leave until 1pm the following afternoon.  We had it all planned out.  We drove early the next morning to Denver and squeezed in three more hours of shopping at the 
Denver Brass Armadillo Antique Mall.

 Laurie & I love the same style.  

Here's to friendships

Good Bye Summer Song,
Miss you all!
Big Hugs, Tami

When You Don't Recognize Yourself

I was reluctant to list my last two post showing pictures of me on my recent vacation.  Why you might ask?  I hardly recognize myself in those photos.  They say cameras add 10 lbs. or more weight your image... well, it certainly did to me.

I've been dealing with an autoimmune condition the past several months and living on steroids.  As you know steroids can cause an insatiable appetite.  My doctor said just drink more water and eat celery sticks... is that with or without cream cheese & peanut butter, ha!

While I fight the steroid hunger and weight gain, I am thankful they do help with my fatigue and other autoimmune symptoms.  

I am not sharing this with you because of vanity or health concerns, it just got me thinking that most blogs share only the best of life.  Truth is, life has its ups and downs, sometimes we have struggles.  Sometimes it's merely an off day and sometimes it can be
life changing.

Do you ever have a moment when you don't recognize yourself? 

Now a far as my vacation, how could I not share those photos with you... it was amazing and so much fun!

Hugs, Tami

"Delight in the day, it is a gift"


Saturday, July 21, 2012

What I Did On My Summer Vacation - Part 2

I really meant to post Part 2 by now, but routine life has replaced my carefree days of summer vacation.  I'm back to the daily structure of time clocks and responsibilities.  

In an odd way, that daily structure is what makes our
vacation days so precious and meaningful.

OK enough philosophy...
What I Did For My Summer Vacation - Part 2

On Sunday, Rebecca joined Laurie & me for the
Colorado Springs outdoor flea market and lunch
See the sewing artwork on the building in the background?  No one knew what it was about.  You know me and buttons, I am curious what it is.  I hope Laurie can find out.

Sunrise to Sunset we spent a wonderful day together followed by dinner and margaritas at Laurie's home

On Monday, Gal Pal Suzanne drove 3.5 hours to join us antiquing and to spend the night 

 Don't you think Laurie should have bought that hat -
she looks great in it!

I'm just saying it might be a wee bit small for me

Sneaking this photo in from an different day, but I had to show this darling slip... it was too small for me too :-(

Another wonderful day with

Kindred Friendships! 

Tuesday was Summer Song!
An incredible day with six amazing women, laughing, sharing life, enjoying good food & wine and creating art together.   

My canvas art

More later.... till then
Hugs, Tami

Monday, July 16, 2012

What I Did On My Summer Vacation - Part 1

Hello Friends,

As you know I was away last week on my Girls Rule vacation in Colorado - no alarm clocks, time clocks or responsibilities... just treasure hunting, creating art, good food - wine - margaritas and some of the best GIRLFRIEND time!

My dear friend Laurie picked me up at the Denver airport and
we were off...

We enjoyed a picnic lunch on the Fine Art Plaza outside the
Denver Art Museum 

Followed by time at the interactive Fashion Studio

Don't you think we had the most fun there?

Our grand finale at the museum was
Yves Saint Laurent - The Retrospective 

 Cameras were not allowed nor was touching the fashions even though they were in fingertip reach.

The Retrospective included the classic YSL fashions as well as his runway Art fashions.   

This exhibit only appeared in Paris, Milan and Denver -
what an experience! 

Later tucked under our umbrellas we enjoyed the
Cherry Creek Art Fair

The next morning we went to the 
Paris St. Flea Market

 My new friend Tonto
(I want another Great Dane!)

We shopped till our feet hurt and
survived the heat & humidity!

Traveling on to Littleton for lunch at the french bistro JaJa's

 and more treasure hunting

 We welcomed the two hour drive to Laurie's -
sit, relax & be cool.

 Laurie's guest room welcomed me with comfy pillows, quilts, creative art journals and books.
I felt so at home and honored to be their guest.  

 Look at this close up of the fabric lampshade Laurie made
So beautiful!

Ben (Laurie's son) was home from Scout camp to regroup and
return the next day for another week of CIT camp.
It was a pleasure to meet Ben!
He is a respectful, engaging and handsome young man.

I have swooned over Laurie's fabric books.
Here we are as Laurie teaches me my first lesson on fabric books

 My fabric book is a work in progress
Well that's enough for tonight.  
I'll post more later.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams ~ Tami