Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Handmade Christmas Gifts

Here are some of my creations for 2012 Christmas

Snow Gals

Canvas Art

Memory ornaments

  Art tags

Hoping to find more time to create this coming year.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Evening Star Button Club Holiday Party

On December 1st the Evening Star Button Club shared
their Christmas Holiday Potluck at my home. 

We shared an incredible potluck meal together,
followed by our hand-made gift exchange. 
 Lori & Tara


 Lee & Jennifer
(see the tray of buttons - gotta have our button fixes!)

The food was cleared from the table, our gift exchange was shared, my kitchen shifted into creative mode and we created Christmas ornaments and tags

 Jennifer- for the love of horses

 Lori- Morton the Moose

 Tara- Family


Our sons (years ago)

Pam's family ornament photo was too blurry to share, sorry Pam.

 I'd like to blame it on my camera, but I know it was me the photographer... unfortunately, most of our photos were too blurry to share.  My apologies to my dear friends if you were hoping to see a specific photo here.  

Being we are a button club, our handmade gifts were to include at least one button or button image.
Here is our group shot, minus Pam's as it was already hanging on my Christmas tree.
You will view it as you scroll down.  

 (Left to right):  
My gift was a mini Snow Gal I created with a vintage cut-glass salt shaker, porcelain head & vintage pieces of jewelry and buttons.  Each Snow Gal had different vintage pieces, scarves & buttons.

Lee's My Little Book of Buttons was decoupaged with button images, made sparkly, and offers blank pages to keep track of our button research and WISH LIST... oh the visions of buttons that dance in our heads!
 Jennifer created these darling paper craft ornaments.  I do not recall which scrapbooking design machine she used.  Think of all the designs you could create. 
I think I need to create another WISH LIST! 
 Lori used wire, buttons, fabric images, paint and some
Campbell's soup cans to create this adorable vase & button flowers... recycled & creative... way to go Lori!

Earlier this year, our club took a field trip to the
Kansas City Garment District Museum.  A fellow club member is the curator for this museum.  Oh my gosh, what a fantastic field trip!  If you enjoy garment history, including buttons, this museum is a must.
Their exhibits change and is open on Fridays or by appointment.
Please make your plans accordingly... it is so worth it!

Tara's gift was canvas art covered in vintage pattern tissue, photos of our club's field trip to the KC Garment District Museum and of course buttons!  
Pam's precious gift was a small match box transformed in JOY.

Tucked inside Pam included vintage china buttons... so sweet! 

These gals are not just members from a club, they are dear & precious friends to me... thank you for your button knowledge, button ethusium, but mostly for your precious friendships!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Handmade Christmas Gifts

Who doesn't love receiving gifts, especially
when they are as lovely as these
 Christmas angel wings, created by Laurie Jackson

 Bejeweled stylized Christmas tree
(vintage buttons & jewelry), 
create by Laurie Jackson

I decided to move Laurie's lovely angel wings to this
lampshade as they perfectly add charm to it!  
I believe they found their home.

See how lovely they look in this black & white image

I also received lovely handmade gifts from Suzanne Wingfield 
 Vintage-inspired angel ornament, created by Suzanne

Angel wings are popular and I love it as I received two of them!  Here are the angel wings Suzanne created for me
 For now Suzanne's lovely wings are on my living room Christmas tree, within arms reach of the lamp shown above with Laurie's lovely wings.  I will need to find a permanent home for Suzanne's wings as this tree will be packed away soon.  

I adore & cherish these beautiful gifts -
thank you Laurie & Suzanne!

Hope your Christmas was filled with love, Tami


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Christmas Home

Glimpses of our Christmas home...

Hope your Christmas was bright, merry and filled
with the love & joy of family & friends!

"May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you."
                                                                                                                 Psalms 33-22

Saturday, December 22, 2012

White Christmas Tag Swap

I recently joined some AMAZING tag artists in  
Jane Palmer's White Christmas tag swap.

Thank you Jane for hosting our 2012 White Christmas tag swap
These tags are so creative... I love them all!
Unfortunately this photo does not clearly show all the tags.    

Here are the tags close up...

My tag, front view

 (Back view of my tag)

 Garna Barker

 Jacqueline Reed


 Jane Palmer, our Swap Host

 Wanda Clark

 Nora Neeley


So do you like these tags?  I sure do!
I am so honored to add these amazing tags to
our holiday home decor!
  Thank you to each of these swappers for sharing
 your creative talents!
Merry Christmas to all ~ Tami