Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Angel Wings & Vintage Finds...Tingue Buttons & More

Suzanne's lovely angel wings are off the Christmas tree and searching for their new spot in our home.  I'm thinking hanging on the knob of my grandmother's secretary might be the perfect spot.

What do you think... do you like the contrast
of the dark wood and the creamy angel wings?

I found some great items last weekend on my shopping spree at the Kansas City's West Bottoms district.

Under several baggies of various mix media supplies, I uncovered a small baggie tagged Pretty Glass Buttons $5I collect antique/vintage clothing buttons.  I was delighted to see this tag and had to control myself from doing the Happy Button Dance down the aisle.  Here's why

 If you are a button collector, you know $5 was a BARGAIN for these antique buttons.  These buttons are called a tingue.  

Tingue buttons were made during the 1850s-1860s.  Due to their mechanical makeup of glass set on glass, they are very fragile.
Few have survived in good condition.

There are four layers to a tingue button:
1.  glass base
2.  reflective foil
3.  thin layer of colored glass
4.  glass tip 

Tingues came in various color combinations, shapes and sizes. 
Bead & Button magazine featured a nice article on tingue buttons, click here.
As you can see in this photo, three of the four tingues are in good condition.  The fourth one does have a few flea bites on its layers.
Over the years I have enviously listened to the stories of other button collectors and their amazing tingue finds... now I have my story to share!  

I am a Happy Tingue Dancing Girl!  

 Here are the other wonderful items I scored 
I had been looking for a small section of vintage rusty springs-
this size is perfect. 
Two lovely lockets
Fun, fun, fun coffee filter flowers.
Precious mix matched S&P shakers... the squirrel has his hand next to his mouth hollering.... "take me home".
  Sweet original button cards

 Button card close up views
 Vintage European silk buttons
 Vintage European silk buttons

 Purple dyed pearl buttons

my last find is this adorable brass I Love You charm.

Thanks for browsing through my vintage finds with me.
If you are interested about button collecting, please visit the National Button Society by clicking on this link.



Saturday, January 5, 2013

Homemade Chocolate Pop Tarts

My husband loves his chocolate.
No nuts or fruits, maybe a smidgen of caramel or toffee,
but mainly plain, rich, fine chocolate.  Preferably 62%-80% dark chocolate.
His favorite dessert over the years have been my chocolate/dark chocolate cheesecakes.  

During the recent holiday season he emailed me this recipe link and thought it
would be simple & fun to make

His stocking was filled with lots of fine dark chocolateToday he used some of his chocolate to make the above recipe.   

  Overall it was a very simple recipeThe last step is to melt chocolate and drizzle it over the baked pop tarts.  Suggestion: Do not use drizzling chocolate with candied sugar or sea salt in it.  They tend to clog the bag causing the chocolate to plop out rather than drizzle as seen here on our pop tarts 

They may not be as pretty as the ones shown in the recipe photo, but they were sure tasty!

 Don't forget to add some whipped cream!   

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello 2013

A couple of days late, but my warmest Happy New Year wishes to you.
May your 2013 be a year filled with blessings...
good health
time to create
time to read
time to enjoy things close to your heart
time to make a difference

Happy 2013!  

I am so blessed that something I have shared with you in my blog has sparked you to follow me.  My heartfelt thanks to each of my followers!

If you are visiting my blog for the first time... WELCOME and I hope you will visit again.
Hugs, Tami