Friday, February 21, 2014

Estate Sale Treasures

It's been a really harsh Winter and treasure hunting has been limited.  Last Thursday morning's temp of 33 degrees was almost a heatwave.  It brought out lots of dealers and pickers hoping to find treasures.
I was #32 in line with about 30 more people behind me... and I was an hour early!
9 am came, the front door open and the Estate Sale was on!

This house was packed.  I asked where the buttons were and was told in a room, where they weren't.  However, this room had lots of beautiful odds & ends of of vintage fabrics and trims.  So, I shopped it first and slowly found my way to the basement where the buttons apparently 'had' been.  They were picked over and only a few remained; however, I am delighted with the ones I found.

Here are my finds for the day

1860-1880s Black Glass dress trim; Stamped steel buckle -late 19th century

(Top) 1930-40s Green glass button w/paint; Late 19th c. Pearl sash buckle;
Group of Cut Steel tri-tinted OME Steel Cup buttons 19th c.
(Bottom) White glass button w/painted grape design 1880s; Horn with inlaid abalone and silver (missing some inlay) late 19th c.; Victorian glass ear of corn;
group of Shell carved buttons, probably late 19th c.

Horseshoe trim: Celluloid with black glass OME, late 19th c.
Art Deco Design under Glass buckle with original fabric still attached 

Individual buttons are different designs/techniques of Celluloid buttons.
Matching pair are Celluloid Bubble Top buttons.  The other two are Tight Top Celluloid buttons.

  Some of the jewelry pieces had missing stones, but I have salvaged stones to repair them.

One of my first jobs was a PBX telephone operator... I love this Valentine!

Close up cuteness

 The artwork in this book is so adorable!

A few cabinet cards 

and photos

 Oodles of unusual tin molds

 This precious porcelain ballerina pivots (dances)

Wonderful vintage textiles

There's something about small treasures that tug at my heart...take me home.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Day Altered Matchbox Swap - Part 2

Belle always enjoying barking at our mail carrier.  This morning I heard her low growl explode into her deep bark and I knew it must be our mail carrier - it was.
What an awful day for our mail carriers as it is negative degrees without wind chills.  I know it is their job to deliver the mail, but I would not do it on a day like today,
so a big THANK YOU to all our mail carriers!

Our recent weather has delayed the arrival of a much anticipated package...
my Valentine's Day Matchbox Swap from Lynn L. 

Upon opening our mail box I found one item, a box just the perfect size for a matchbox swap.
I pulled out the box, turned it over and YES, it had Lynn's return address on it!

Wow, Wow, Wow!
Not only was there Lynn's matchbox, but two packets.  

This packet enclosed a vintage button card - do you remember buttons 10¢?
And this packet held 

a sweet Valentine ornament she made

 I immediately fell-in-LOVE with Lynn's altered matchbox 
the front,

the roof, the sides

and the back are full of the sweetest details!

The trinkets inside were perfectly me

Lynn, Thank you for your matchbox swap to me - it is amazing and I LOVE it!

Thank you again JoAnne from Vintage Dragonfly for hosting this swap! 

The perks of swapping are sharing creative art, trinkets and the best perk, making friends.  

Hugs ~ Tami


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Altered Matchbox Swap - Part 1

JoAnne from Vintage Dragonfly hosted a recent Valentine's Day Altered Matchbox Swap.  I was thrilled to be a part of it!  It was a rotation swap.   
This is the altered matchbox I created for Amy D.
Layers of lace, trim and millinery, mostly vintage.
I fell in love with it and am so pleased that Amy fell in love with it too!

I used pages from a vintage French book and stamped forever, adore & love
on them to cover the inside box
added a beaded pull on one end
and filled it with treasures

I ran out of room inside the matchbox, so I included one of my decorated peat pots
to hold this BE MINE stamp 

and some DOVE chocolates, because you've got to have chocolate for Valentine's Day 
Happy Valentine's Day to Amy D. and to you!
My rotation swap partner Lynn has her matchbox in the mail to me... I am so excited to receive it! 
Maybe tomorrow, but with our 'arctic vortex snow-tsunami' we are having, it may be late.  
I will post Valentine's Day Altered Matchbox Swap - Part 2
and share Lynn's matchbox once I receive it.  
Thank you JoAnne for hosting this wonderful swap!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February...Valentine Sweetness

I received a lovely handmade pink tulle tree from my SWEET friend Suzanne Wingfield.
 It became the inspiration of Valentine's Day decor in our home. 
Suzanne's lovely tree is perfect for Valentine's Day!

as well as her beautiful angel ornament
Thank you Suzanne for my beautiful gifts - they are precious, just as you are!

Peeks of our Valentine's Day decor

" Sweetness...Is the most powerful strength of the heart."