Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Autumn * Friends * Craft Day

Autumn * Friends * Craft Day - three of my most favorite things!

Recently I hosted an Autumn craft day with friends

Gail taught us soldered jewelry & frames.  This was my first time to solder and I LOVE IT!
I know what I want for Christmas...hint, hint!
Marj always has a beautiful smile and gives the best friendship hugs!

 Corrine & Belle have become great friends!  Aren't they adorable?

I am sorry to say, but I forgot to snap photos of the artsy craft projects my friends created.  We spent a wonderful day together creating various projects: soldered jewelry & frames, canvas art, spoolies, decoupaged Holiday houses & crocheting. 

I did take photos of my creations
 Halloween canvas art, soldered photo frame and Halloween spoolie

The soldered frame & spoolie almost get lost in the foreground of the canvas art. 

I added several ribbons & trim to my soldered frame. 
The photo on the front is my mother as a baby. 
The photo on the reverse is my mother at age 2.
 I love this project!   

My mother was a primitive-style painter and crafter.
She would have so enjoyed all the arts & crafts that are popular now.
I wished I was in my creative chapter of life when she was alive - it would have been a joy to share it with her.     

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Altered Matchbox Swap

My second Halloween swap through JoAnne at Vintage Dragonfly was an altered matchbox swap.  
 I was partnered with Lorraine from Over the Rainebeau 

Lorraine & I exchanged our Halloween preference of color & style.  We both prefer muted Autumn or black & white colors and nothing gory.  This swap was a perfect match for us!   

On a side note...although I do not like gory things there is something about altered doll parts or jars of doll parts that I find weirdly fun or maybe I'm just weird.

This is the matchbox I created for Lorraine

and here is the ADORABLE matchbox she created for me

 Filled to the brim with lots of fun Halloween goodies. I've already used several pieces on a recent Halloween art canvas.

Did you notice what Lorraine & I did without either one of us knowing about it?  
We both chose to use a wooden frame on the front of our matchboxes and what is most remarkable, we both choose to use the same frame! 
We were definitely on the same creative wave length...kindred spirits! 

I LOVE my matchbox from Lorraine and all the treasures she tucked inside of it!  It is sitting front & center on a shelf in my studio saying Happy Halloween to everyone!  Thank you Lorraine!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Altered Paper Bag Swap

I recently participated in two Halloween swaps from Vintage Dragonfly's Flickr craft group.
One of these swaps was a Halloween altered paper bag swap...that's right a paper lunch bag.    

Who knew paper lunch bags like this

 could be turned into something so wonderfully creative?

By folding the paper bag in half you will create a front page, left & right center pages and a back page with an opening pocket (the top opening of the lunch bag).

Leave a 3/4" margin on the right side of all pages so they can be hole punched allowing additional pages from other swappers to be added.   

Assembly tips:
  • Be sure and leave a 3/4" margin on the right side of all pages free of decoration.
  • Consider using Washi or similar tape or even gluing decorative paper over the the side flaps of all pages - this keeps it sturdy and helps to keep the pocket from tearing.   
  • Create an additional tag, bookmark, picture, etc. to insert in the pocket.
  • Use binder rings, ribbon, lace, etc. strung through the margin holes to join pages together.
  • Be sure and sign your work! 
  • Swappers mailed their pages along with a return shipping fee to Vintage Dragonfly.  She bound our books with each person's personal pages as the front cover and and then mailed them back to each swapper.

 So what started like this

turned into this
My front page

  My inside pages with my tag sticking out of the pocket page

Left page: My back page
Right Page: JoAnne Balaz  front page

JoAnne Balaz - center pages with tag

 Left page: JoAnne Balaz - back page
Right page: Erica Hofstetter - front page

Erica Hofstetter - center pages with tag

 Left page: Erica Hofstetter - back page
Right page: Kimberly Law - front page

 Kimberly Law- center pages with tag

 Kimberly Law - back page

Thank you JoAnne at Vintage Dragonfly for hosting another fun & creative swap! 
Thank you also to JoAnne, Erica & Kimberly for your creative talents on your swap pages!

I love my book!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Finally! Group Photos...BLING IT ON - Altered Mini Altoid Tin Necklaces

photos are way over-due in posting, but definitely worth the wait!

The name of each artist is listed at the top of their photos


(back view)

(front view)

 (inside view)

(So sorry, but I cannot get this photo to rotate its view even though it is edited as such)

(inside view) -  (So sorry, but I cannot get this photo to rotate its view even though it is edited as such)

(So sorry, but I cannot get this photo to rotate its view even though it is edited as such)

(back view)
(inside view)

(back view)
(inside view)

(inside view)

(inside view) - (So sorry Lee's photos are so blurry.  I was not able to edit them clearer.)

Can you believe these are all altered mini Altoid tins?
The artists also added/created the chains to their necklaces.
It was worth the wait to see these incredible necklaces, wasn't it?