Saturday, November 12, 2011

My recent Girls Road Trip 'Pickin' Treasures

Recently I blog about my Girls Road Trip.  Here are some of the treasures that found their way home with me...

1940s Glass buttons on original card, Vintage plastic Elephant buckle, Sterling Silver flower pin ($1.00!) and a broken strand of creamy pearls

 Large crock bowl with pennant edge design

 Crystal S&P Shakers for making my 'Snow Girls' and some great orphaned lids for another project!

 Vintage 2-tiered Office stamp holder

 Vintage tins - the SOOVAIN tin is a medicine tin that once held Acetphenetidin with aspirin and caffeine & sold for 25 cents


several vintage postcards for 25 cents each


 The wonderfully worn vintage handmade
wooden tool caddy worked well as a base for a Christmas centerpiece

I love pickin for treasures!


  1. What's not to love! Great Finds. Especially love the Elephant and the Stamp Holder.

  2. My favorites are the sterling silver rose pin and the orphaned lids! I want to see your snow girls -- intrigued!