Saturday, July 23, 2011


I knew they would be arriving soon, but today was the day, I received a welcomed surprise in my mailbox.... my BIRD SONG swap tags arrived.  

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my tags!   

Recently I made a difficult decision to close my antique booths.  Lots of reasons why, but mainly it just feels right to do so.  Anyway, I decided a spinning display rack from one of my antique booths would make a great piece to display my tag swaps.

Here it is plain, but not for long.

(click on all photos to enlarge view)

By the way, I saw this rack sitting in the corner of a local Hy-Vee grocery store alone, unwanted, covered in layers of dust.  I asked the store manager if I could have it and he was so delighted to get rid of it that he carried it to my car.

My BIRD SONG tag swaps arrived beautifully bundled with a swatch of lace tying up a vintage Contents page on bird poems and stories. 

Drum roll please, the unveiling of my BIRD SONG tags...

Isn't this first tag in my bundle wonderful?
 Update... the first tag is Karla's cover tag. 
I love the textures and depth of her tag - such a darling bluebird & bird cage charm.  Makes me smile!

My second tag is by Freda Butler
Freda, what a charming tag!  I love the colors, layers, textures, sweet silver bird's nest with attached twig.
Here's the backside of Freda's tag

My third swap is designed by Lisa Stanton
 Isn't Lisa's guy a cutie patootie?  
He is so bright and cheerful in the color and texture combinations she chose.

The backside of Lisa's tag

Christine Nay is the designer of my fourth tag swap
This is my free spirit bird - Love the flowing, wispiness of Christine's design - and the oodles of pink ribbon

The backside of Christine's tag

Tag number four is by Suzanne Duda
Suzanne, how sweet!  The frills, the lace, the colors,  just lovely

Backside to Suzanne's tag

Number five is wonderfully designed by Michele from Nook & Cranny
Michele's contentment banner says it all - the colors and textures she used echo contentment.

Here's the backside of Michelle's tag

Tag six is designed by Samantha Miranda
Samantha's bird house base is adorable and is yummied-up with great layers of textures

Backside to Samantha's tag

Seven tags were swapped... number seven is by designer Abby's Paperie Garden
Soft, muted sweetness in Abby's design of color, layers and texture 

Backside of Abby's tag

And for the grand finale....

Thanks again to Karla Nathan at Karla's Cottage for hosting our 2011 BIRD SONG tag swap.  You are such an inspiration!
Thanks to Freda, Lisa, Christine, Suzanne, Michelle, Samantha and Abby for your awesome tags!
Samantha Miranda - unknown blog address (if available, please share)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

China Buttons

Our local Evening Star Button Club is studying China Buttons according to the National Button Society (NBS) 2011-2012 Blue Book Classification System

To study along with us, please click on the link below and refer to pages 10-11 and 30-32

Other NBS china links

 The buttons in this study of NBS Section 3 - China buttons, assorted- refers to antique & vintage china buttons from the circa 1840s - 1940s.  

They are quaint, lovely, charming, adorable... 

To view these china buttons, please visit

Thank you Peach State Button Club Country

Please do not use these images for personal or public use without expressed permission - Thank you 

Friday, July 15, 2011


I attended my first ever creative art class at Karla's Cottage BIRD SONG weekend.  It was amazing!  

Karla also hosted an after event tag swap.  Click here, scroll down to her July 12, 2011 post to see some of the tags being swapped 
Amazing talent!

I created three different tag ideas before settling on this design

  (click on photos to enlarge)

Materials cut, prepped and ready to assemble - notice the wonderful pink flocked paper.  It was lovely by itself, but as you will see, I added more sparkle with pink frosted glitter

My bluebird is ready for his close up...

The bottom fringe is pink crepe paper folded over several times, cut in half, then hand-sewn down its center to create a smocking/gathered effect, then distressed with ink and fringed with scissors

On the back- If happy little bluebirds fly... 

Whew, they are finished & mailed

Thank you Karla for being a gracious hostess and encouraging us to create.