Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Evening Star Button Club Christmas Party - Button Gifts and Lise's Button Museum in the Making

  We held our Evening Star Button Club Christmas party at Lise's beautiful home.  Lise's home is tucked away in a forest community overlooking a ravine.
Look through these windows, you are looking into the tree tops.  Beautiful!

 We shared a wonderful holiday potluck lunch, giggles, our exchange of handmade button-related gifts and friendship.  

Lise's home was so warm and inviting for Christmas...


 Jennifer (top center), Tara (1-R), Pam (2-L), Lori (2-R), Lee (3-L), Tami (3-R) and Lise (bottom center).

Did you notice the AWESOME black & white button fabric scarves we are wearing?
Tara made these wonderful scarves for us!   

Tara also sewed each of us a button motif fabric carrying case that fits button-mounted mat boards with or without a frame   

Here are our other handmade button-related gifts that we exchanged
 Lise used a mirrored craft button and wrote an accompanying poem titled My Mirrored Self.
Very fitting for us button collectors.

Lori created each us our own button tin with a snowy outside and buttons inside (below)
 Lee decorated this Christmassy frame with of course BUTTONS! 
Our group photo is being sized to fit these frames for a keepsake ornament.

 Pam created a Friend ornament dazzled with a center rhinestone button.

Jennifer hammered old, slightly damaged buttons, joined them together and fired her own enameled head pin to create a button pendant.  I love it, don't you?

I created a Christmas ornament using the image of the 1953 December
Just Buttons Christmas magazine cover.

Each year I look forward to our button exchange gifts.
I am always delighted by them!

Well you've toured Lise's beautiful Christmas home, seen our button exchange gifts, now it's time to get a peek at Lise's Button Room...
 We are greeted with Christmas-themed buttons & pins as we top the stairs next to the Button Room

Glimpses into Lise's Button Room

Every nook and cranny, bookcase, shelf and wall offer buttons, buttons and more buttons! 

Yes, this is an entire original card of amber glass Tingue buttons! 
Worthy of drooling!!

 Lise hopes one day to have a Button Museum... I'd say her Button Room has a great start towards it.  Take a peek inside her Button Room closet... box after box of categorized buttons!

Too cute
Well it's been a long post, but I do hope you enjoyed it.

Take care, Tami


  1. Oh.My.Gosh!! That button room is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your fun!

    1. Hi Kathy, she does have an amazing button room and that’s just what one can see… there’s lots of organized beauties tucked away.
      Happy New Year!!

  2. You and your button friends are soooo creative! I had never met anyone with a button room, until I met you. So this is all fascinating to me.

    1. When our children were little, I had a few buttons framed as wall art, but most of them were packed away in file cabinets. Our children are now grown, so there is an extra room to display my buttons…which trickled over to other areas of our home… what can a button girl say…I love my buttons…smile!

  3. Wow! So many cool button related things I don't even know where to start. Looks like a great party and if Lise ever opens her button museum, I know I want to visit!

    1. If Lise does open her button museum, I will definitely post about it and send ya all an invite!

  4. OMG so that is why I can't find any more great buttons Lise has them all in her button room LOL
    How interesting and amusing it would be to see them all . This encourages me to keep looking for special buttons

    1. OMG, you are so funny! Sadly many of those ‘special’ buttons are getting too pricey for this collector. I love my buttons and try collecting the more special ones, but this past year, I have bought just a couple. Happy New Year!

  5. What fun to view all of this. Your stocking card ornament really caught my eye. Made several different ornaments with buttons and will try something similar to your's.

    1. So glad you stopped by and enjoyed our button club party! Chip board is great base for creating sturdy ornaments layered with paper, fabric, etc. Have fun! Happy New Year!