Friday, August 30, 2013

Family Wedding, Handmade Flowers, Memories

After being a single mom raising three children, completing her bachelor's degree and being a grandma of two, my beautiful niece Sandy found her true love.  Kevin & Sandy were engaged last Thanksgiving with full blessings from his children and hers.  Fairy tales do come true!

Sandy fell in love with a vintage girl's dress I had.  It was perfect for the style and colors she had envisioned for their wedding.  I was thrilled she loved it and gave it to her for her flower girl dress 
 Sandy's granddaughter & grandson - the flower girl and ring bearer

Sandy showed me a gorgeous fabric flower bouquet she had pinned on Pinterest.  I had made fabric flower rosettes before, but never a full bouquet.  After much consideration, I offered to do her wedding party flowers.  

Sandy and her bridal bouquet

I created a Wedding Memorial bouquet for Sandy.  Her Great Grandma Jennielee, Grandpa Roy and Grandma Mim had influenced her life, but had all passed away.  I added mementos of them into her bouquet, so in memory, they were with her on her wedding day.  

Great Grandma Jennielee was represented with a swatch of her lace tablecloth (tattered & worn with use & age) and her memory photo. 

On the two sides, Grandpa Roy and Grandma Mim were represented

Grandpa Roy always carried a hankie - this was one of his monogrammed hankies for our last name of Jeffery.

 Grandma Mim loved butterflies and hankies.  

A couple of other personal mementos in her bouquet were several pieces of lace I brought home from my lifetime trip to Paris, France, and vintage buttons & jewelry from my collections.

The Bridesmaid Bouquet

Sandy's oldest daughter Sheena, the Matron of Honor

Sandy's youngest daughter Breanna, Bridesmaid

 Bridesmaid, Bride and Bridal Toss Bouquets

Mother and Grandmother wrist corsages

Sisters and Daughter-in-law wrist corsages

I asked Sandy's mom (my sister) Dee to help create some of the wedding party flowers.  She did a beautiful job in creating this silk flower Bride's Toss bouquet

 Dee also created all the boutonnieres - aren't they fantastic? 

Dee & I shared several 'Sister' hours together over the months it took us to create these wedding flowers.  Lots of love, laughter and memories went into each one made.  It was our joy to create these for Sandy & Kevin's wedding! 

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Kevin & Sandy Wood

A special thank you to my wonderful husband for helping me cut out fabric pieces to create these flowers...
thank you Larry!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ever Need More Time?

Do you ever have those moments, days, weeks, where you need more time?  My past couple of months have been like that.  As you can tell I have been away from blogging. 

Between my part-time job, being a new mom to Belle,
health issues and helping with my niece's wedding,
my days have been full.  

My amazing niece Sandy marries her true love Kevin this Saturday. 

Here is a sneak peek of what I have been doing for their wedding

I can't show anymore for now as Sandy has not seen them.
I will post more photos after their wedding.

Please stop back by next week to see more. 

Blessings to you, Tami