Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Birdsong 5 Swap Creations

Birdsong 5 was amazing!
  A weekend retreat filled with love, laughter, friendship & Art - 
 presented by the fabulous Karla Nathan
I so enjoy participating in the Birdsong swap exchanges.
This year there were four swaps: 
Decorated chipboard house,
Fabric Nature book,
Nature Snippet,
Nature mini-canvas & mini matchbox set. 

Here are my creations for the swaps
I placed a battery-operated tea light in my house to serve as a nightlight.  
My style often leans towards whimsy or shabby, but this house spoke French cottage to me.  Although I did tuck a sweet pewter fairy on the stone archway of the door.

My fabric Nature book

My Nature Snippet Roll... instead of a thread spool to wrap my snippet around, I chose a branch to reflect nature.
 Rolled, front-side

 Rolled, backside

 Front, top section

Front, middle section

Front, bottom section

 Front, bottom section

 Back, top section

Back, full view

Back, middle section

Back, bottom section
My mini canvas & mounted mini matchbox set
The mini matchbox was filled with little treasures.
I had taken the above photos of my creations prior to Birdsong 5.  Sadly all the photos I took at Birdsong 5 I mistakenly deleted.  I was downloading them when I was really too tired to be messing with them.  Unfortunately I paid the consequences of pushing my limits...breaks my heart I lost so many photo memories.
Coming of the INCREDIBLE swaps I received.  
See you soon!


  1. You made lovely things Tami. It was so nice meeting you. I enjoyed watching the swaps.

  2. Tami I am new to your blog and I really love everything that I see. You are very talented. Jo

  3. aww tami im so sorry about the photos
    I really love the fabric journal so delicate thanks for sharing

  4. I am so eager to see photos of Birdsong -- I'm heartbroken yours were lost. Your swap pieces are simply lovely and most inspirational! I loved them all!