Friday, August 7, 2015

Victorian Trading Company's "Back Room" Treasures

I am fortunate to live a near a Victorian Trading Company Outlet.

While I seek true vintage items, VTC offers beautiful reproductions, of which many find their way home with me.

The VTC Outlet store near me has a "Back Room" that offers
damaged items at fair prices. 

I enjoy scouting through the back room for pieces I can repurpose and breath new life into them.  

Earlier this Summer, in conjunction with Birdsong 5, Peeps visited our local
VTC Outlet. 

I stopped by VTC before heading up to Birdsong 5 and ran into my dear friend Gail along with meeting other Peeps.  Fun!

Gail and I both love to shop the back room.  I had packed in my car, two repurpose creations from VTC's backroom.  One was an amazing necklace Gail created for my birthday last year and the other was a fairy garden gift I created, on its way as a gift for Karla.  

    We shared our repurposed creations with VTC and were posted directly onto the VTC Facebook page
 Gail's altered mini Altoid tin necklace is shown bottom center.  She used broken jewelry pieces she purchased from the VTC "back room" to create her gorgeous necklace to me.

This cherub piece was a former clock; however, the clock was broken.  I removed the clock and used its frame to house
a fairy garden.


front close up

 back close up

At home on Karla's buffet 
(photo courtesy of Karla)

On a recent trip taking Belle to the vet, nestled in the parking lot corner, I found a small chippy painted, weathered board amongst rain-soaked husband looked at me oddly when I picked it up, brushed away the debris and put it in the car to take home...isn't it fun to repurpose items with new life????


  1. Thanks so much for my lovely piece, Tami!

  2. I've got to check out that back room! You and Gail sure make the most of it!

  3. That was such a fun time! Love your creations!

  4. Gail's necklaces are always amazing and this one is no exception. And that fairy garden, Tami. Oh my - you two are so talented!

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