Saturday, October 31, 2015

You Are Invited - Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
Thanks for stopping by, you are invited to scroll down and share in our Halloween fun.

Karla's Cottage Romantic Gothic Ghost event was held in early October.  Click on the link to view Karla's posting of her beautifully SPOOKY house and our days events.  
 (photo courtesy of Karla's Cottage)

  (photo courtesy of Karla's Cottage)

  (photo courtesy of Karla's Cottage)
  Karla was telling me it was OK to rip & tear silk & lace from a vintage wedding gown
for our projects.

 Karla stirring up a mossy & glitter concoction

Our class projects -
My Gothic Ghost Jar

My not so Spooky Witch Banner

 Thanks Karla for another GREAT day filled with fun classes, incredible food
and amazing friendships!

Everyone, be safe and enjoy a fun and Happy Halloween!


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