Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Evening Star Button Club Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary!

June 28, 2016 the Evening Star Button Club turns 10!

On June 13th, our club gathered to celebrate it's 10th anniversary.  Charter members, former members and current members were invited to attend.  

Evening Star Button Club started with five charter members, only one charter member remains which is me.

Over the years we've had twenty-four members
with a current roster of eleven.

 For some of my readers, you may wonder what in the world I am talking about, a Button Club?

As button collectors, we study and preserve antique, vintage, modern and studio clothing buttons.

Antique and vintage buttons are works of art, they have been made from nearly all materials and cover numerous themes.  Through the years they've depicted world history in art, fashion, politics, wars, theater, literature, science,

Evening Star Button Club was formed to offer an evening platform for a study group as well as the charter members sharing a special interest in star buttons, hence our club name.

I created commemorative buttons for our occasion

Venita gave everyone a sweet friendship poem with
a black glass button

Lee and her sister made this wonderful button flower gifts 

Lee is so clever, she came up with the idea to name our refreshments based on what they looked like in buttons.

A Realistic button's outline resembles the object it portrays.

Lacies refers to "Lacy" glass buttons from the late 1800s. 

Red Glass set in Metal represents glass buttons that are
set in/on metal.

 These brownies we called Black Glass buttons with decorative finish of white paint (confectioners sugar).

Our fruit pizza was pretty enough to mimic jewels often found on 18th Century Deluxe buttons, this size was x-large!

Obviously this isn't really Celluloid, but we thought these looked like 2 piece extruded Celluloid.

Cupcake snap togethers...Snap togethers are usually plastic although some may have metal parts.  They consist of two or more pieces that "snap together".  Sometimes the pieces are fused together by the manufacturer, but most are not fused and can be snapped apart and snapped together.

Here are many of the button topics our club has studied:

We ended our day by creating 
button-themed mixed media tags.

We shared a wonderful day and look forward to another 10 years of studying and collecting clothing buttons together!

The Evening Star Button Club meets within the Greater Metro area of Kansas City.  We meet monthly on the fourth Thursday at 7 pm. 

Click here to view contact information on the local
Button clubs in Kansas.

Our club supports the Kansas State Button Society and the National Button Society

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Swaps I won - 2015 Birdsong 5

It's always amazing and fun to see how different
artists interpret the same swap!

In my last post I showed the swap I created.  
Here are the incredible swaps I received at
Karla Nathan's Birdsong 5.  

Decorated Chipboard House Swap
I won Karla's house!

Look at her finely trimmed window frames and the Pearl heart button that frames this sweet door.  Nothing better than a rhinestone door knob!

A birdcage chandy!

And handmade furnishings!

Nature Snippet Roll Swap 
Gail Sell & I paired up for this swap.
Here is her WONDERFUL creation to me...
lucky me!

Front, top 

Front, middle

Front, "T" for Tami

Front, bottom

Back, top

Back, middle

Back, bottom

Snippets of sweetness & beauty all rolled up!

Mini Canvas & Matchbox Duo Swap
Happy, Happy, Happy, I won Barb Buckton's Duo!

Her matchbox was filled with fun buttons and a sweet feather pin to use for other artsy creations!

Fabric Nature Book 
Beth Boothe is the creative artist of this amazing book

 One of my favorite quotes!

Another favorite quote!

Lots of fun & incredible details!

So much fun...thanks to Gail Sells, Barb Buckton and Betti Zucker for hosting these awesome swaps!

As always for me, I did not finish my classroom projects.  I like to absorb the ambiance during class and finish my projects later at home.  So, no project photos for now.  

Our class instructors were the BEAUTIFUL Lori Oles, Karla Nathan, Beth Leintz, Hope Wallace Karney and Lesa Dailey...thank you all for your fun & wonderful teachings!

 A special THANK YOU to our fabulous Karla Nathan for offering Birdsong 5 and opening up her beautiful heart & home to us!

"where I create, there I am true"

Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Birdsong 5 Swap Creations

Birdsong 5 was amazing!
  A weekend retreat filled with love, laughter, friendship & Art - 
 presented by the fabulous Karla Nathan
I so enjoy participating in the Birdsong swap exchanges.
This year there were four swaps: 
Decorated chipboard house,
Fabric Nature book,
Nature Snippet,
Nature mini-canvas & mini matchbox set. 

Here are my creations for the swaps
I placed a battery-operated tea light in my house to serve as a nightlight.  
My style often leans towards whimsy or shabby, but this house spoke French cottage to me.  Although I did tuck a sweet pewter fairy on the stone archway of the door.

My fabric Nature book

My Nature Snippet Roll... instead of a thread spool to wrap my snippet around, I chose a branch to reflect nature.
 Rolled, front-side

 Rolled, backside

 Front, top section

Front, middle section

Front, bottom section

 Front, bottom section

 Back, top section

Back, full view

Back, middle section

Back, bottom section
My mini canvas & mounted mini matchbox set
The mini matchbox was filled with little treasures.
I had taken the above photos of my creations prior to Birdsong 5.  Sadly all the photos I took at Birdsong 5 I mistakenly deleted.  I was downloading them when I was really too tired to be messing with them.  Unfortunately I paid the consequences of pushing my limits...breaks my heart I lost so many photo memories.
Coming of the INCREDIBLE swaps I received.  
See you soon!