Sunday, May 22, 2016

Vintage Buttons, Lace & Textiles

Loot from my Springtime treasure hunting 
Set of Lois Calkins 1950s porcelain buttons, Jack-n-Jill nursery rhyme series.

Black glass, design under glass (DUG)

Leaves and faux pearls-design under/in plastic (DUP)

Glass set in glass, black glass base.

Various fabric buttons

Vintage lace & textiles...makes my heart happy!

 I did a happy dance when I found these unused rolls of vintage seam binding mixed in with
gift wrap gift wrap ribbon prices...score!

 Lace, beautiful lace!

Rolls of vintage seam binding now on my studio the colors!

Have you been treasure hunting this Spring?


  1. Amazing finds, Tami! The fabric buttons and lace are gorgeous, and that seam binding - oh, my! That is such treasure and the colors are perfect. Congrats on a most successful hunt!

  2. Beautiful finds, especially the lace and exquisite fabric covered buttons. I've found quite a few buttons on cards, a good proportion of them being from the 40s and 50s; a good collection of vintage thread on cards for darning, from wool to fine thread for mending silk hosiery; and unused AustrIan lace on its original cards. It's been quite a good couple of months for finding beautiful things to play with!

  3. What exquisite finds, Tami! My heart is beating a little bit faster! I especially love those buttons. I have a few cards I got in France and oh, how I treasure them... though I feel a little bad not using them! And probably will! (Karla's "use the good stuff" philosophy is rubbing off on me!)