Sunday, October 16, 2016

Girlfriends Gathering - Our Autumn Art & Craft Day

When Girlfriends Gather it is always a wonderful day! 
Here's a peek of our recent day together - 
friendship, good food, arts & crafts.

My young friend Corinne worked on painting her sugar skull before
she was off to a birthday party.
 Marj worked on her crocheted baby blanket gift.
While Gail, Lee, Nora and I created other projects.

We started on Autumn/Halloween canvas art although no one finished theirs in class.
I completed mine later that evening.

My elegant witch canvas art
 Sparkly poofs of silver tulle enhanced her sleeves while strands
of black lace, pumpkin seam binding and black mesh became her skirt.
A bit of silver rick-rack along with a black bat for her belt. 

Most of our day was spent on creating our necklaces from vintage coin purses.
Who knows how long I have been accumulating these sweet purses, but I had acquired about 20 of them.  Along with bits & pieces of vintage beads, jewelry and trims,
we created our beautiful necklaces. 

    Gail's stunning Victorian-style necklace

  Lee's lovely button-trimmed necklace - very fitting as Lee is a button collector

Nora's first necklace - a real beauty in teal, silver & pearls
(work in progress)  
(finished beauty)
Nora's second necklace - another real beauty in muted tones.

 And finally, my necklace also done in muted tones including
mother of pearl beads, pearls and of course some rhinestone bling

It was a beautiful day!



  1. I love your canvas and all the wonderful coin purse necklaces. What a fun project -- you can tell by the smiles that everyone was enjoying it, too!

  2. You're all so talented. I love everyone's creations!

  3. I have always wanted a coin purse necklace and bought a few little coin purses however didn't have the knowledge to attach a chain to hang it from.
    Those are all so gorgeous