Saturday, February 11, 2017

Love & Friendship

Girlfriends Gathering, gathered recently at my home for a day of
Valentine's Day arts & crafts.

We shared the day creating various artwork...
lace hearts
cotton batting hearts
canvas art

Here are some peeks into our wonderful day together


Thanks Beth for sharing this photo of your finished cotton batting heart

 Karla has been creating lace hearts like Karla to see them. 

 Blessed & grateful these women are part of my life!
I love these amazing women!


  1. What a totally perfect day! Hearts and flowers, friends and art. Can't beat it!

  2. OH !!!! I LOVE all the lace hearts, Wish I could have joined in
    Think I'll try to make myself one, headed to the studio now

    Thanks for sharing your work shop with the girls

  3. Beautiful hearts! So happy for all of you that you have these creative days together.

  4. All i can say is adorable.I love to have such gathering at my home. and i liked the post very much. your website is also nice i will do visit it again

  5. There's that sweet angel again, she's so pretty. How nice that you had a girlfriend's gathering for arts and crafts. My daughters used to have a "craft night" also, but one moved to a different state, but will be back in a couple years. I love that antique lace heart, it's so lovely.