Thursday, January 4, 2018

Belle & George

Extreme Winter temps dipping into negative figures has created 
Cabin Fever in our household, especially with our dogs!
 Indoor play is simply not as fun as outdoor play & family walks.   

Belle & George

We adopted Belle in 2013, age one year old.
We adopted George in 2016, age two years old. 

We've always loved large dogs with floppy ears and long tails...Hound Dogs!
Belle & George certainly fit these categories.

They are both rescued dogs from a local animal shelter, Wayside Waifs   

Belle is a mix breed of Weimaraner & Red Bone Coonhound, weighing 75 lbs.
George is a mix breed of St. Bernard (smooth) & Plott Hound, weighing 113 lbs.
They insist they are lapdogs!

Yes, they are spoiled rotten 😉


...and are dearly LOVED!


  1. Loved seeing the dogs, Tami. It always makes me smile to see spoiled pets. Belle is beautiful and George is quite handsome. What a big boy! And thank you for sharing that they are rescues. There are so many wonderful dogs out there looking for forever homes - I'm happy these two found theirs!

  2. those dogs are angels...getting kicked out of daycare? lol pooh
    much happiness and great health to you and yours tami...hug

  3. Belle and George are adorable! So glad you take in rescues. Happy New Year!

  4. Hello Belle & George! Aren't you cute ones? Your Christmas tree is beautiful, Tami. I love the red balls on it, and reminds me of my mom's tree growing up. She always had tinsel and red balls, and through the years a few cherished ornaments. I noticed your dresser also. That is a gorgeous piece of furniture. I hope the new year is being good to you so far.


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