Sunday, June 12, 2011

My First Post

Well, I've done it... this is my first blog post... a long time in coming.  I rarely procrastinate, but I've been dragging my feet to create this blog.  It is such a new venture for me.  Please bare with me as I amble through the learning processes.  

As part of my first blog post I want to thank some special people... 
Linda K. - Thank you for your Apple Tree Friendship, sitting by my side and offering me blog tutorials
Laurie J. - Thank you my new dear friend for your encouragement, references and pointers on establishing my blog
Karla's Cottage & Bird Song - Thank you Karla and all the women that participated in BIRD SONG.  You are all so amazing & talented... sharing your stories and blogs have encouraged me to spread my wings & give this a try

Thank you all so much!


  1. Woo hoo! Your first blog and first post! Welcome to blogland! I love your blue bird and your dotted swiss page, and look forward to drooling over all the photos of your great stuff!

  2. Thanks Laurie! Glad you like it. I hope to get some drooling photos posted soon.

  3. Tami- Congrats on starting your blog. I'm looking forward to peeks of your antiquing and crafting adventures.

  4. Hi, Tami!!

    You are off to a beautiful start!!! Love your new "treasures" from the estate sale and thank you for sharing with us about your Dad. Those pics are worth a thousand words. My cousin, Linda, was also born on June 10th! It's a good day!! ;o) I will stop in and visit again, you may know me from BB.

  5. FINALLY able to comment after a few days of problems with Blogger. SO glad you are here in Blogland now!!!