Monday, June 13, 2011

Ooh lala... estate sale goodies

Every once in awhile you stumbled upon a GREAT estate sale.  Thankfully that is just what I did.  Last week I stumbled upon an incredible estate sale.  It was late afternoon when I arrived, so one would think all the good stuff would be gone.  To my delightful surprise it was worth the stop...      

Sweet vintage purses, millinery flowers & lace

Lace, tatting, crocheting, lace edges from old table clothes and pillow cases and ribbon.... Eye candy!

Lovely table toppers & pillow cases

More lace, ribbon, two beautifully beaded dress trims, and way in the back barely showing is vintage wallpaper

More lace!  
Yummy hats and a stack of 6 vintage silk curtain panels trimmed in lace


Now that's a great sale... what do you think?



  1. Oh my gosh- all that from one estate sale! Incredible- I'm drooling. You hit the major food groups- jewelry, lace, linens and "pretties". Pretties is my generic term for the things that don't fit in the other catergories- like those wonderful purses. Keep shopping!

  2. Yep, I sure need to get to kc more often!

  3. Makes me want to get out to more estate sales. Most times I don't find much, then I went to a sale recently (on the second day, no less), it took me two trips to the car with loads of vintage Xmas, baby dresses, planters, buttons, all good vintage stuff! Now, where to put it......

  4. OMG, look at that lace! Those hats! Lucky you!