Friday, August 12, 2011

How about a Creative Button Swap?

You'll notice from my blog that I love antique & collectible clothing buttons.

 A new word on the waiting list for the dictionaries is buttonologist: One who collects, studies and helps preserve antique and collectible clothing buttons as historical artifacts.  

That's me, a buttonologist.  I've been collecting, studying and preserving antique, vintage, modern, and studio clothing buttons since 1996. 

Quality collectible buttons are like any other antique or collectible item - they tell history, they have financial value and are sought by those that enjoy them.

Like all quality antiques and collectibles, it is important to preserve quality buttons in their original condition.

Would you be interested in a Creative Button Swap?

Here are some examples of mounting buttons creatively using NO HARM methods

Button Scrabble by Linda Kelly

  • Linda cleverly created her Scrabble puzzle with words that match her chosen button designs                                           
    • Darling! Vintage buttons sewn onto fabric then mounted on an old clip board & adorned with ribbons & lace - the added needlework adds so much charm

    Decadent Delights by Linda Kelly

    • Deluxe quality antique buttons creatively displayed as "Confections to Please every Palate"  The date of 1938 honors when the National Button Society was founded                                           
       I created this piece of Halloween wall art using covered matboard

      Swap Guidelines

      1.  All swaps must use NO HARM button mounting  techniques – Please do not remove shanks or damage buttons to create your item
      • It is always best to sew on buttons or use plastic-coated telephone wire                                        
      • Do not use metal wire or pipe cleaners to mount buttons as some button materials will react and disintegrate  
      • If the button is a sew-through button, pierce the matboard (surface) with an awl creating enough holes to match the holes of the sew-through button.  You can either sew on the button or use  plastic-coated telephone wire through the button holes, coil it on the backside to secure the button
      • To mount a button with a shank, pierce the matboard (surface) with an awl, thread plastic-coated telephone wire through the shank and gently push the shank through the hole, coil the wire on the backside to secure the button
      2. Each Swap to include a minimum of five quality antique/vintage buttons
      •  Minimum of five buttons can be on a single item or multiple items
      3. Please use quality antique and/or vintage buttons- buttons that are at least 25 years to 100+ years old

         4.  Determining the ages of buttons for those that may not know buttons well can be iffy.  Please use your best judgment in selecting your buttons

         There are many newer buttons on the market that mimic vintage buttons.  Older buttons usually offer better craftsmanship & quality materials 

      5.  Creative mounting ideas: Art, Fabric, Home Decor, etc.- the ideas are endless 

      6.  Swap limited to the first 40 people that register on-time
         7.  Swappers please register with me.  In your email subject line list Creative Button Swap.  Please include your full name, email address, phone and home address

         8.  Registration ends 10pm on September 2, 2011

          9Swappers will be randomly assigned a swap partner

         10.  Postage will vary depending on the weight of each item, so all swappers will mail their item directly to their assigned swap partner 

         11. I will email assigned partners the mailing address of their swap partner

               12. Swap closing date is Friday, October 14, 2011

                  13. Please mail your swap item to your assigned partner by Friday, October 14, 2011

          14. I want to post your creative item, so email me a photo of your item ASAP.  I will post photos after the swap is over  

      Are you interested in participating in a Creative Mounting Button Swap?  If so, email me and let me know by September 2nd 

      Questions? - Please email me 


      1. yes count me in on this one...
        I love buttons and have been a collector for years and have tons of buttons.
        Maurine Huffines

      2. Well, you already know that I am SO IN for this!

      3. I would love to join as well. I emailed you. Becs