Thursday, December 29, 2011

Approaching 2012 and Why Kronos?

Many time clocks and payroll systems are under the name of Kronos. Have you ever wondered why?

Kronos also known as Saturn in Greek Mythology is identified as the Father of Time.  

He was once the leader of the Titans.  The Titans existed before the Greek Gods.  Kronos married his sister Rhea and they had many children.  Kronos was foretold his children would overthrow him.  Fearing his children, Kronos swallowed each child as they were born.   

When Zeus was born his mother Rhea hid him and tricked Kronos into swallowing a stone instead.  Over the years Rhea convinced Kronos to release the children he had swallowed.  The released children joined with Zeus to fight and defeat their father and the Titans. 

Kronos was later exiled to roam the earth and harvest the ground to survive.  It is said Kronos understood the wrong he had done to his children and roamed the earth in grief.  Images of Kronos depict him carrying a sickle or scythe.  

The sickle symbolizes the destruction of an old crop to make room for a new crop - the end of the Titan reign.  It is shaped like a crescent moon- cycling from one period of time into another.  The idea of harvest can also be associated with death, the end of a growing season.  In a poetic sense, Kronos eating his children represents that time devours all things and nothing lasts forever.   

Since the early 1900s, the image of Kronos with his sickle has been used in advertising and greeting cards to usher in a 
Happy New Year.     

Kronos through out history has often been used as the name or reference to time keeping.

May you have a healthy, happy & prosperous 
New Year!

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