Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Decorated for Christmas

In 2005 I began scaling down my Christmas trees & decorations.  At that time I had 37 Christmas trees throughout our home.  They ranged from 2' to 7.5'

I love REAL trees and greenery, but I rarely use them.  I decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving and REAL trees & greenery do not stay fresh to New Years when I take down the decorations.  

Sometimes I will add sprigs of fresh greenery into artificial greenery.  In 2005 I donated our huge 7.5' FAT Christmas tree.  It was so heavy to carry upstairs and it consumed our family room.  We now have a 7.5' slim-line tree instead.  It doesn't have the same appeal, but it's manageable.

I seem to add and purge a few decorations each year and manage to keep my storage area brimming full.

While some decorations have their annual place of honor, I do enjoy creating different vignettes each year.

Merry Christmas



  1. I luv it all tami...that would be alot of decorating if you keep all those trees. I bet christmas at ur house is fabulous...

  2. Everything looks beautiful! I have been slacking on my decorating. I have had my tree up for 6 days and have yet to put one ornament on it. Oh well.......... :D

  3. 37 trees! Wow! I'm glad you've scaled down! One year I had two trees and I thought that was a lot for just two people (my husband and I.) (Now I have two trees but one is just a 12" tree.)