Monday, March 5, 2012

Found Treasures

For our region it has a been an mild and warm winter.  There have been a lot of estate sales & auctions, but my busy schedule has not offered much time for treasure hunting.

Here are the few treasures I did find...

  Vintage miniature flocked birds & mushroom birds

Sweet handmade vintage Easter eggs from vintage velvet flowers 

Vintage handmade ornaments 

Two vintage metal serving trays - (I am already using the one not shown)

And now my special thrift store finds!!!
the Pièce de résistance

(needs two paste replaced)

 Eisenberg Originals dress clips for $1.99 each - I was dancing a happy dance!!

These photos do not show justice on these treasures especially the dress clips - they are brilliant and GORGEOUS...I need to work on my photography skills.

I am ready to enjoy the beauty of Spring and for treasure hunting those Spring house-cleaning sales... how about you?


  1. What lovely finds! Looks like a fun hunting day. Isn't it amazing what people get rid of?!

  2. Ice, ice baby! I love that bling! I also adore those little vintage flower eggs, and the ornaments!