Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In My Room

For years I loved my 'Ruby Lips' entryway color and my upstairs yellow hallway.  When the repair of our basement foundation lead us to repair and paint ten rooms, we chose softer shades of whites and sweet cream... these softer shades seem to fit better with our 
mellowed age.   

Here's a nook I have been working on - it isn't quite what I want, but it is a beginning  

 What do you think so far - do you like it?

I always enjoy Kathleen's White Wednesday linky party on her blog Faded Charm - take a peek by clicking on her link!   


  1. It's a beautiful palette! I can't wait to see it in person, some day soon I hope -- I want to have a closer look at all things vintage and button in the Hacker house!

  2. Love the chair! I'll soon be painted our main bathroom...just haven't decided yet on WHAT color...our new floor tiles will be gray, and we have white wainscotting and bath fixtures...perhaps a soft pale shade of grey, or a cottage white? Hmmmm.

    Warmest, Brenda

  3. It's lovely! The chair is gorgeous and so is the rest of it.

  4. Gorgeous color. Love that chair, too! Rebecca

  5. so lovely. all soft and cozy

    barbara jean

  6. I love how you've used buttons in your decor- what a sweet nook!

  7. I know what you mean about mellowing and needing softer colors, I've done the same. I used to have a ruby entryway, that was apple green for a while after that, and is now a pale, pale blue, and it sets a nice tone for coming into the house

  8. Beautiful!
    What is the pillow bow made from, fabric? love the print,

    1. Thank you!!

      I try and answer comments individually, but thought others might want to know about the bow fabric... a friend made this pillow not me. The bow fabric is commercially printed French text on burlap. Not sure where she purchased it. I'll inquire & post about it later.

  9. Love it. Light, bright, pleasant, large and airy.

    Well done!

  10. Hi Tami, it is me over from Something Special. I see that you wanted to be included in the petite jar spring swap but I could not find an email in either of my email addresses for you. I am not sure if it may have gone into my spam folder, but it got deleted. Could you please email me with your information again to ask@comnett.net Thanks so much

  11. Tami, your corner looks wonderful! I like softer colors, too.
    Your neutrals all look so pretty together and I love that chair!!


  12. How pretty! I love your gorgeous chair, and the mannequin, too! I would love to find one some day! And all of the other wonderful details that you've added really make this area special! Love your blog!!