Friday, April 13, 2012

Repairs & Remodeling Continues

Our home repairs have been moving slowly, but surely.

I asked earlier for you to stop back by and watch our progress, so I though I should post some photos of where we are now...

 All those white spots are where Larry has repaired the sheet rock, has mudded, mud now drying, then will be sanded and hopefully soon, repainted

  The paint sample on the right is what we choose,
 Glidden's Home & Garden Vintage White Lace.

It is in the same color hue as the current paint color, but has a brighter, warmer tone and will be clean & fresh.

 Besides all the wall repairs for cracks from our foundation issues, and old nail holes, you will notice almost the entire joint between the ceilings and walls has been repaired.  Back in 1962 when our home was built, they used nails instead of sheet rock screws - the nails have popped, meaning the sheet rock is separating... definitely not a good thing.

Please continue to stop back by and check in on our changes.  Once the rooms are repaired and painted, I am going to mix up the furniture and try some different layouts.  You can let me know what you like the best... till then,
Make it a wonderful day!

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