Sunday, June 17, 2012

2012 ~ Happy Father's Day

Three important Fathers in my life....

1.  My dear Father & me
Our last time being together as he passed away a few months later.

My Father loved us girls (4 sisters) and taught us unconditional love and acceptance.
I miss him dearly! 

2.  My wonderful husband and wonderful Father to our two sons

Our sons are now grown young men, living on their own.  I hope the love, honesty, integrity and Christian love their Father gave them will grow stronger each day in
their own hearts and lives.

3.  I am blessed to also have another wonderful Father in my life, my Father-in-law.  He too is a wonderful man. 

I am blessed, my sons are blessed, our families are so blessed to have these three amazing men in our lives.

"One of our greatest gifts from God we called daddy"

Happy Father's Day to our Fathers!


  1. A lovely tribute! I'm doing that today, too. We are blessed to have had some great men in our lives, which will help our kids to become great men, too!

  2. I loved your Father's Day tribute to your Dad. After our conversation, sitting on the bench outside the antique mall in KC, it was nice now to have a face to put on the man in the stories of your childhood.