Thursday, June 21, 2012

No Rhyme or Reason

Where does time go?

So many projects in the making - they seem to be creeping right past me.
Do you have days, weeks like that?

June 12th marked my One Year Blogaversary.  It came & went way too quickly.  I will be offering a "Happy Blogaversary Give Away", but not today.  Please check back as I HOPE to share it soon!

This upcoming Saturday I will begin redoing my buffet. 
Stay tune for that reveal!

Till then I thought I'd share some of my favorite shabby, chippy home decor images from around our home 

This photo is a corner of my studio nook.   

Till next time ~ Hugs, Tami


  1. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Can't wait to see your buffet redo! I have chalk paint for mine but haven't started the process, so I'm looking for inspiration.

    1. Tomorrow is the day...buffet redo. I hope it goes smoothly. Not sure it will be an inspiration, but there's hope. Everyone says chalk paint is easy to use - I'll let you know.

  2. This is your studio?!?!? Oh, WOW!!! So much SPACE!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the chippy white basket and the architectural piece!!!! SWOON!!!


    1. Just the bottom photo is a corner peek at my studio ‘nook’. Hubby & I split the basement – his workshop, my workshop (studio nook). I do have awesome storage behind doors, but in order for it to be really awesome, I need to organize it... Smile.

  3. Oh, I love it all! I used to have those little silver bird salt/pepper shakers, too! I am looking forward to hanging out in that studio one of these days!