Sunday, November 4, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Part 2

I only have a PC, no laptop, notebook, smart phone or whatever, so I need to be home and at my PC to share any new post with you.  When it comes to tech stuff, I keep it simple...
hence my delay in recent postings. 

I've been away on a wonderful Girls Rule trip.
I will be sharing about it once I get caught up on some other posts.  

I had planned on catching up with posting early this weekend; however our eldest son was involved in a major car accident.  Thank our good Lord, he was not severely injured!
His car was totaled.  

On with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Part 2...

My last post left Laurie, Suzanne & me getting ready to experience shopping at the
Kansas City West Bottoms Vintage Stores.

Laurie & Suzanne

 Me, Laurie & Suzanne 

 (October: all sorts of odd items.  A vintage hair stylist
teaching mannequin with real human hair)

 I really enjoyed the sunlight shinning through this window display

 Visiting with friend Carol Spinski (Raised in Cotton) at her Bottoms Up booth
(Laurie, Suzanne, Carol & me)

 Delighted to get a photo with friend Sarah (My So Called Junky Life)
Sarah is such a sweetie!  I ADORE her blog, her Bottoms Up booth
and her amazing and creative talents!

 Bits of Sarah's Bottoms Up booth, My So Called Junky Life
(same name as her blog)
Here's a tease of her November Bottoms Up Christmas items from her blog

More of West Bottoms shopping...

 I love this sofa!  It was only $115!  
I absolutely have no where to put it or it would have come home with me!

 Wow! bright lemony yellow 
Window view (I think from the 3rd floor of Bottoms Up)
Amazing old buildings!
The holidays are upon us... smile!

Front entrance display at Bella Patina

 It was October, lots of eerie & odd displays
 Liberty Belle's entrance display

We ran into fellow Bird Song friends Marj & Gail!

Suzanne & Laurie - we had an amazing day!
Be sure and visit Laurie's post, she has lots of great photos.

The last event of their visit was Karla's Romantic Gothic Ghost.  I'll be sharing more about that soon.



  1. what fun...i miss the bottoms big time


  2. So sad I missed hanging out with you girls! Looks like you had an awesome time. See you at Birdsong 3???

  3. Oh I just LOVED seeing all these fun photos and all the smiles!! You got some great ones!