Sunday, October 28, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

The blog 'photo full' flag I received must have been
a fluke as I can now post photos - hopefully it will not return.  

Early October, Laurie & Suzanne came to visit me.
Here they are arriving at the airport.  

As soon as we left the airport we were determined to
squeeze as much as we could into their four day visit.

 Immediately after their arrival, we were off &
shopping at  The Rusty Chandelier

 Our Haunting Welcome

Amazing handmade crowns!

 A picture of Friendship!

The next morning we spent a couple of hours in my studio
creating Gothic Ghost banners.
 (photo courtesy of Laurie)

Suzanne working on her banner 

Laurie with her finished banner 

(photo courtesy of Laurie)
 I did not finish my banner as I seem to talk too much.

Our next adventure was to shop the Mission Road Antique Mall and eat lunch at the Bloomsbury Bistro located in the mall.

(photo courtesy of Laurie)
 This is my favorite place for lunch!
Their toasted carrot cake is the best ever!

(photo courtesy of Laurie)
 Shopping at Beth's booth.  
Beth always has the coolest treasures at great prices!

We fulfilled Suzanne's dream to shop the brick and mortar store
of Victoria Trading Co.  
(photo courtesy of Laurie)  

Later that evening Suzanne surprise us
with darling Ballerina socks and tiaras
(Suzanne, Tami, Laurie)

 It's been a long time since I've done a plie.

Two days down, two days left to share of our amazing visit.
 I will soon post about our adventures at the
Kansas City First Weekend West Bottoms vintage stores
(be sure and watch the West Bottoms video on this link!)
and Karla's Romantic Gothic Ghost event. 
 till then... 
Hugs ~ Tami


  1. it looks like you ladies had a blast...

  2. Too much fun! I look like I'm checking my pulse in that first photo, LOL! I was just admiring my gothic ladies banner as I ate has replaced the SING banner in my kitchen!