Sunday, March 17, 2013

Is It Spring Yet?

Even though I have some Irish in me blood, my extent of celebrating St. Patrick's Day is wearing something green and cooking corn beef, potatoes, cabbage & soda bread.
Wishing you a 
"Happy St. Patrick's Day"
I have not been posting on a regular basis... not sure why, perhaps the cold and dreary days of winter kept me snuggled under comforters reading and watching TV rather than accomplishing anything else.

This past Friday our temperature was 81, teasing us with the hope of Spring.  With the encouragement of Spring nearby, I shook off my comforters, worked outside in a flower garden and decorated a bit for Easter & Spring.  

 I filled this basket with vintage millinery & flowered hats along with an added piece of lace & a nest.

One of my favorite bunnies is my jointed bunny to the right.  I've had him for nearly 30 years.

Vintage pottery 

Mid-century flocked bunny   

 I am ready for Spring to fully arrive.  How about you?

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