Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ugh, more Winter

Really?  This is late March!

The above photo is not an old TV off the air.
 It is our frosted kitchen window this morning.

 All week our forecast was a late snow storm starting on Saturday afternoon.  About 3 pm yesterday we commented how calm the skies looked and thought the meteorologist got it wrong.

Jinxed it, 30 minutes later that calm, almost deadening hush sound of falling snow quieted everything.
Hours upon hours of wet snow fell upon us.

Normally our late March temperatures average at 60 degrees, not so much today.  Here is our backyard, once again with snow-flattened Rose of Sharon bushes
A view through the top half of our frosted kitchen window reveals our corner Spirea bush flattened to the ground.

Last night is was the sounds of fire trucks and First Responders down our snow route street.  This morning it was the grating sound of snow plows and Power & Light trucks to the rescue.

We have about 6" of snow with possibly 2" more inches by tomorrow morning.  Not as bad as the last two storms, but then again we should be having this

  So wanting flowers instead of snow.


  1. I want some green sprouting things, or pretty pink and yellow blooming things!!

    1. Me too! So looking forward to our Spring flowers!

  2. I am longing for green grass, green fields and pretty flowers too!

  3. Yeah, I love snow but I am so over it. You have so much more than we do! What is up with that?!

  4. im over having snow ..i had to shovel the 10 inches we got