Sunday, July 28, 2013

Estate Sale Find with Presidential History

Recently at a Kansas City estate sale, I found this darling 1950's
L & M (Lloyd and Mund) clutch purse

 This clutch was a bargain on the last day of the sale at 50% off.
 I was delighted to purchase it for decor or maybe even as a special 'gift box'. 

I did check for rips and stains inside this clutch before purchasing it.  After I got home, I examined it further and discovered tucked in the inside pocket was this special item


It is in perfect condition - stored safely away from sunlight and handling.  

 I imagine the owner of this clutch, carried this clutch the night she attended the 
Kennedy For President Rally 
Saturday, October 22, 1960 - 8:00 P.M.

 and tucked her ticket in the inside pocket as a keepsake.  I wonder if she ever used this clutch again?

I also purchased a box of small notepads the owner had personalized with her name and kept one of them along with the price tag and location of the estate sale to add to the provenance of my historical find. 

I've been a picker for many years.  My mother raised us on secondhand items.  My soul has always connected to items that have a past and are often tattered and worn.  I don't pick as often anymore since I closed my vintage business... but, I still love a good pick.  

What treasures have you recently found?

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  1. OMG I would love that bags since I collect vintage bags and knowing where it has been, WELL fabulous find