Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mother's Memory Wreath

In June I attended Karla Nathan's Bird Song III event.
One of our projects was a lovely tag wreath class taught by Lori Oles .

Lori recycled cardboard boxes (I think she used unused pizza boxes) to cut out our wreath forms.  She then provided us with several ephemera items, laces, fabrics and taught us how to use templates with modeling paste to create depth and textures.

I saved Lori's ephemera items to use on a different project and chose to create a Memory Wreath for my mother.  

I knew I would not complete my wreath in class as I wanted to take it home and add pieces that reflected my mother.

Recently I did complete my Mom's Memory Wreath

 Some of the Mother's pins were pins she helped me collect.

 She loved Iris flowers and was Irish!
The cross and the inscribed brass tag of the Lord's Prayer remind me of her! 

 She was a devout Christian - she loved our Lord Jesus - she was a Prayer Warrior
She passed away in 2006 - I miss her.



  1. Tami- I loved your Memory Wreath- I spent a lot of time looking at it on Sat- so many sweet details. What a nice tribute to your Mom.

    1. Beautiful, Tami, and what a special tribute to your mother. You've sparked my imagination for a way to use some things my mom has given me over the last year or so, so thank you!

  2. What a beautiful way to honor your mother. I know she is smiling.

  3. Just beautiful, Tami! What a wonderful tribute to your mom.

    I lost my mom in 2005 - we never stop missing them, do we?

  4. What a treasure this is, tami! I love the sentiment behind the project.