Friday, February 21, 2014

Estate Sale Treasures

It's been a really harsh Winter and treasure hunting has been limited.  Last Thursday morning's temp of 33 degrees was almost a heatwave.  It brought out lots of dealers and pickers hoping to find treasures.
I was #32 in line with about 30 more people behind me... and I was an hour early!
9 am came, the front door open and the Estate Sale was on!

This house was packed.  I asked where the buttons were and was told in a room, where they weren't.  However, this room had lots of beautiful odds & ends of of vintage fabrics and trims.  So, I shopped it first and slowly found my way to the basement where the buttons apparently 'had' been.  They were picked over and only a few remained; however, I am delighted with the ones I found.

Here are my finds for the day

1860-1880s Black Glass dress trim; Stamped steel buckle -late 19th century

(Top) 1930-40s Green glass button w/paint; Late 19th c. Pearl sash buckle;
Group of Cut Steel tri-tinted OME Steel Cup buttons 19th c.
(Bottom) White glass button w/painted grape design 1880s; Horn with inlaid abalone and silver (missing some inlay) late 19th c.; Victorian glass ear of corn;
group of Shell carved buttons, probably late 19th c.

Horseshoe trim: Celluloid with black glass OME, late 19th c.
Art Deco Design under Glass buckle with original fabric still attached 

Individual buttons are different designs/techniques of Celluloid buttons.
Matching pair are Celluloid Bubble Top buttons.  The other two are Tight Top Celluloid buttons.

  Some of the jewelry pieces had missing stones, but I have salvaged stones to repair them.

One of my first jobs was a PBX telephone operator... I love this Valentine!

Close up cuteness

 The artwork in this book is so adorable!

A few cabinet cards 

and photos

 Oodles of unusual tin molds

 This precious porcelain ballerina pivots (dances)

Wonderful vintage textiles

There's something about small treasures that tug at my heart...take me home.


  1. Wow, how early do you have to go to be first in line??? So many gorgeous finds! The painted buttons and lace pieces are really lovely. And Five Fat Piggies is just plain adorable!

    1. Hi Gayle, so good to hear from you! I went the next morning (Friday) to another sale and was there nearly 2 hours early. It advertised BUTTONS. It was too cold to stand in-line, so I put my marker down on the sidewalk and stayed huddled in my car, reading and covered up with a blankie. I was #4 in-line that morning. Sadly it wasn’t a good sale and my wait was wasted. At Thursday’s sale, I got so many wonderful pieces of lace and trim. These photos hardly showed all of them. It was the best sale I’ve been to in a long time. Hugs, Tami

  2. What a wonderful reward for braving the cold! The buckles, buttons and lace are beautiful. Love all the other treasures, too!

    1. Thanks Terri! I’m such a sucker for pretty, precious, darling little things 

  3. Replies
    1. It was a good score - Thanks for stopping by and for commenting :-)

  4. Replies
    1. What is it about those wonderful little treasures? I just adore them. Thanks for your comment :-)

  5. Yes you did score and big time. Love all the buttons and jewelry pieces and of course the textiles and lace. There is an estate sale here today which I wasn't going to since it is all newer things but I might find some oldies so better go.
    The little card with the little girl at the switch board is sweet, I was a switch board operator also, my first job with the local telephone company

    1. I guess us being switchboard operators dates My parents, grandparents and in-laws were all associated with the Bell Telephone Co. My Mom & paternal Grandmother were switchboard operators too.

      Go to you estate sale today - maybe a treasure is waiting for you. Share if you find something today. Thanks for your comment :-)

  6. Oh my gosh!! It has been so long since I found a good treasure hunt. I would be over the moon with this loot!

    1. Hi Kathy,

      It was a great day finding all those treasures. We don't see good sales like that one very often. Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment. Happy Day, Tami