Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Altered Matchbox Swap

My second Halloween swap through JoAnne at Vintage Dragonfly was an altered matchbox swap.  
 I was partnered with Lorraine from Over the Rainebeau 

Lorraine & I exchanged our Halloween preference of color & style.  We both prefer muted Autumn or black & white colors and nothing gory.  This swap was a perfect match for us!   

On a side note...although I do not like gory things there is something about altered doll parts or jars of doll parts that I find weirdly fun or maybe I'm just weird.

This is the matchbox I created for Lorraine

and here is the ADORABLE matchbox she created for me

 Filled to the brim with lots of fun Halloween goodies. I've already used several pieces on a recent Halloween art canvas.

Did you notice what Lorraine & I did without either one of us knowing about it?  
We both chose to use a wooden frame on the front of our matchboxes and what is most remarkable, we both choose to use the same frame! 
We were definitely on the same creative wave length...kindred spirits! 

I LOVE my matchbox from Lorraine and all the treasures she tucked inside of it!  It is sitting front & center on a shelf in my studio saying Happy Halloween to everyone!  Thank you Lorraine!


  1. I love both your work -- and it's funny, the frame looks very different with the different color and presentation. It sounds like a terrific swap!

  2. Both of these are so creative and lovely! You and Lorraine are two of my favorite swap partners ever, so it stands to reason that you'd be a perfect match!

  3. Oh you have been having such fun with your Halloween creations. Very beautiful and imaginative.
    Thanks for coming to visit and leaving such a kind comment!