Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Autumn * Friends * Craft Day

Autumn * Friends * Craft Day - three of my most favorite things!

Recently I hosted an Autumn craft day with friends

Gail taught us soldered jewelry & frames.  This was my first time to solder and I LOVE IT!
I know what I want for Christmas...hint, hint!
Marj always has a beautiful smile and gives the best friendship hugs!

 Corrine & Belle have become great friends!  Aren't they adorable?

I am sorry to say, but I forgot to snap photos of the artsy craft projects my friends created.  We spent a wonderful day together creating various projects: soldered jewelry & frames, canvas art, spoolies, decoupaged Holiday houses & crocheting. 

I did take photos of my creations
 Halloween canvas art, soldered photo frame and Halloween spoolie

The soldered frame & spoolie almost get lost in the foreground of the canvas art. 

I added several ribbons & trim to my soldered frame. 
The photo on the front is my mother as a baby. 
The photo on the reverse is my mother at age 2.
 I love this project!   

My mother was a primitive-style painter and crafter.
She would have so enjoyed all the arts & crafts that are popular now.
I wished I was in my creative chapter of life when she was alive - it would have been a joy to share it with her.     


  1. You did all that in an afternoon? Including learning? I am incredibly impressed!

    I know what you mean about your mom, Tami. My mom did all kinds of creative crafty things, with and without me. She was game to try absolutely anything. I'm glad we did those things together -- they are sweet memories. But there is also a joyful bittersweetness that we haven't been able to do them for nearly 40 years together -- and how thrilled she would be to know how I've spread my creative wings.

    1. Hi Jeanie!

      Yes, we did it all in one afternoon. It was a FUN day!
      Doesn’t matter how old we get or how long our mothers have been gone, we sure miss them!