Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Belle Turns Three

July 5, 2015 our sweet Belle turned three.
Here's the start of her day
Yes, I put her through wearing a birthday hat...she's not very pleased with me.
She was a good girl and kept it on, lowered her head to the floor and sighed.

A much happy girl here as she awaits her sweet potato treat!

Although she looks most like a Chocolate Lab, Belle is a
 Weimaraner & Coonhound mix.

We took her to a local off-leashed dog park for some fun in the sun
 Can you tell she took a dip in the pond?

The watering hole

Good friends Amy and Sparky joined us!

Sparky and Belle are tuckered out...so are we!
Trey, Sparky, Amy, Belle & Larry

Ready for bed
Happy Birthday Belle!


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Belle, from me and my hounds!

  2. Belle is well named! She's just lovely!

  3. Happy Birthday Dear Sweet Belle

    I just love dogs and the love they give to us