Thursday, December 10, 2015

ChristmasScapes with Friends

Holiday cheer, good food, laughter, Girlfriends Gathering... what a fun, beautiful day!

Love these smiles!

My studio is small, so we get cozy when we're altogether.
I offered lots of crafting supplies and others brought supplies to share. 
If you look far to the back on this photo, you'll see another room, it's a bathroom...we were bursting at the seams, so we added another table of supplies in the bathroom...personal business and personal shopping all at the same time, LOL.     

Our project was ChristmasScapes...I'm always fascinated and in awe of our different styles...traditional, elegant, whimsical, retro, sparkly, adorable designs that we create from
the same pile of supplies.





Some of our boxes were adhered to a candlestick or vase, while others sat flat 
Tami #1

Tami #2

Missing Marj's finished ChristmasScape, but as you can see it will be amazing!

I cherish these gals as well as Beth & Marj that are missing from this photo!

Hope your holiday season is shared with those you love!
Christmas Blessings to All! ~ Tami


  1. Oh My Gosh how cute and creative those are !!
    I seen my favorite one and want it ! LOL

    How fun you all get together and create spending the day together
    I'm going back for a second read and look around

  2. Thank you for sharing such lovely creations. You've inspired me to try this!

  3. ohh tami I love all the creations..wish I lived closer...happy holidays

  4. These are totally fabulous, Tami! It would be such fun to play with you and your creative gang!