Thursday, February 4, 2016

Valentine's Day Vingettes

I'm a holiday gal...
My storage closets speak highly of this...
While Christmas is my fondness weakness, I do have a sprinkling of other holidays..
A glimpse into my Valentine's Day vignettes

This morning on the internet I saw this wonderful acrostic art
of John 3:16 and Valentine's Day 

This is LOVE!

Happy Valentine's Day...may it be filled with LOVE!


  1. I like Valentine right up there with Christmas
    I have a few little things out oh forgot my Valentine tree is up
    I'll have to show it next
    I have been shopping on etsy for buttons LOL I have the bug again real bad
    Your sweet marie Antionette romantic dancing couple id my favorite

  2. It's all lovely, but my favorite is that vintage Valentine Greetings vase. So cute!

  3. Totally delightful! Surprisingly, I don't have a lot of valentine decor as such. This is inspiring to me!

  4. Beautiful Tami! We missed you in our Valentine swap this year!