Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Seashells & Summertime

I enjoyed and had fun this Summer decorating with
seashells and related items



Happy Summer!
Please watch for my upcoming post on our Mermaid craft day.



  1. I just love your shell display....I love the sea and all the beauty we find there. and that star button is gorgeous...your talent in decorating and artwork is beautiful. hope youre keeping cool...its really steamy here in pa. cant wait to see the mermaids...big ladybug hugs and love

  2. Your sea shell collection is wonderful. And your buttons look like shiny jewels from the sea. Oh, you like mermaids, me too! I used to have a sea shell just like the one in your last picture, and I think I gave it away in all the moves - now I'm sorry I did. Your purple rock is lovely. Is that amethyst?

    Enjoy the rest of the summer days.


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