Sunday, September 3, 2017

Mermaids & Sea Life Craft Day

 In 2011, I attended my first Bird Song art event by Karla Nathan

I met Beth at a vintage sale and learned of Bird Song.
Other than briefly knowing Beth, I did not know anyone at my first Bird Song.
I reached beyond my comfort zone and signed up for it.    

Little did I know at that time how much Bird Song would BLESS my life.
I've attended all five Bird Song events. 
I'm eagerly awaiting Snowbird Bird Song #6 in November 2017.

The amazing thing about connecting at Bird Song is you discover you
have a soul-connection with these 'Peeps'.
Sometimes our Peeps connection is by email or phone calls.
Sometimes it is connecting on Facebook.
Sometimes it is gathering at a Bird Song event.

These Peeps have blessed me with their generosity, talents, love & friendships!

A handful of these Peeps live in my local area.
I began hosting craft days in 2013 with local Peeps.
We've shared many amazing craft days together...Girlfriends Gathering.  
Together our souls are nurtured in creating art, laughter, joy & sorrow.
Our hearts, our lives are bonded in love & friendship!
We bring food and share potluck meals together.  
We share craft supplies as well as tips & techniques of creating art & crafts. 
I am so BLESSED with these special friends!

A note to Karla...If it hadn't been for your Bird Song events, I would have never known these friendships that fill my heart with joy nor the joy found in creative art...Thank you Karla!

Earlier in July, we gathered for a Summertime craft day
of Mermaids and Sea Life.
Many craft options were available -
canvas art, collage art, clay mermaids and mermaid crowns. 

Please enjoy a peek at some of our creations 
Supplies - endless possibilities!

Peek at our desserts...yum!
(snatched photo from Karla - thanks Karla!)

Canvas Art

Beth's canvas art, in-progress

Marj's canvas art, in-progress
Marj sharing her canvas art
My canvas art #2
My canvas art #1


Collage Art
Beth's collage art

Clay Mermaids
Some mermaids were created to sit on real shells,
while others were used on their canvas art.

Karla creating her clay mermaid
Karla's first mermaid rendition.
She chose to later soften her mermaid.
Here it is revised

Nora's mermaid, in-progress

Marj's mermaid (canvas art), in-progress

Mermaid Crowns

Lee's mermaid crown

Nora's mermaid crown

My mermaid crown

Karla's mermaid crown and clay mermaid





Mermaid Wall Plaque
Beginning stages of Nora's 'redesigned' mermaid wall plaque

Nora's 'redesigned' mermaid wall plaque, in-progress.

Another amazing day together!  Love you all!

I find myself finally sharing this post today, September 3rd nearly two months since
our Summertime craft day.  I can hardly believe that much time has passed.

Soon I'll be replacing my summer Mermaids & Sea Life decorations with Autumn Decor...
my favorite season!  I can hardly wait to to decorate!

Enjoy today, hope your day is blessed with the love and encouragement of family & friends!


  1. How very fortunate you are to be a part of these gatherings. I enjoy everyone's posts and seeing the creativity and camaraderie.

  2. As always, it was a pleasure to read about your craft day and to see everyone's creations!

  3. It's great to be able to make your own decoration at home. Not only will it allow you to put your soul and personality in every corner of your home, but your love for arts and craft is also good for your heath. I'm sure you're create more, and I hope you get to sell those lovely items as well.

    Hannah Sullivan @ Go Arty

    1. Thanks Hannah for stopping by and for sharing your wonderful comment! I agree with you, creating arts & crafts is so nurturing to one's soul! Happy creating to you!