Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Sparkly Christmas Shoe

Not long ago I posted about pickin at our local Goodwill Outlet store and these awesome vintage sparkly shoes  

I mentioned I should create a Christmas display with them
These elves look happy in their sparkly shoe.

(Note re: on-going photo space issues - some days Blogger allows me to post photos in the body of my post and some days not.  I have found that if my original image is saved at 354 PX, Blogger will sometimes allow me to post it... like today, but not always. 
However, something happens to the clarity of my photos when I do thisWhen I view my photos at 354 PX they are not blurry, but after I upload them to post, they are blurry as seen in the above Christmas elf shoe.  Any ideas why??   

Enjoy your day ~ Tami


  1. The whole photo thing is so perplexing! But I sure do like your sparkly shoe elves!

  2. How cute the elves look in your sparkly shoe!