Saturday, August 18, 2012

Accomplishing Projects

It's been two weeks since my last post.
It's been one of those times where you meet yourself coming
and going - due date upon due date.  

One of my goals has been to finish my necklace from

I've worn it twice this week and have had several people
stopped me and make lovely comments.  

Two reasons I am delighted with my necklace -
a completed project and I LIKE it.

Another project I have recently marked off My To Do list

My Garden Fairy is me at age two.  I am a paper doll fairy with jointed/movable arms and legs.  I have to be treated with extreme care as my arms & legs are made out of paper and
will wear out or tear easily.

The reverse side is a digital creation by me
"I'm FAIRY certain that
given a cape & tiara
I just might be able to 
save the world."

(The fairy is ready to accept her tiara and leave
the woodlands to save the world)

My dryer is buzzing, my floors need swept, I have more art swap projects to finish & my gardens need weeding... 

Hope you're having a full & lovely day too!


  1. Aren't you glad you finished your necklace? I love mine and get comments whenever I wear it. Your fairy paperdoll self is so cute. I love how you use your own images in your artwork.

    (I'm ignoring the dust, the yard and the laundry today to play...well, not just today, I seem to do it a lot of days...)

  2. wow i am still sitting on projects from silver bella that arent done..weeds will be there when u are ready...enjoy all your craft time.hugs

  3. Your necklace turned out great -- and I love your fairy pages, too!