Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Antique Limestone Orbs or Bowling Balls?

 I love the weather-patina of antique stone garden orbs

Today new glass, mosaic and stone garden orbs
are readily available.  

An article in the 2010 Better Homes & Garden magazine suggest using bowling balls as garden decorations.  
 I know I am not the only odd person to use bowling balls in their gardens, but I can sure claim
some of my bowling ball orbs have been around nearly 20 years.

Antique stone orbs command high prices, so unless I come across a really good deal, my gardens will offer bowling ball orbs.

Who knew vintage bowling balls could be so cool?


  1. Now you have me keeping an eye out for bowling balls at the thrift. My hub is going to be SO pleased, haha. When I was a kid I walked by a house with two big stone orbs and I thought they had skulls in them. (Creepy kid.)

  2. How fun! I have one in my "man" garden, one covered in mosaic and one covered in pennies. So many ways to use bowling balls:)

  3. I know a guy who collects marbles... he has bowling balls in his yard and calls them big marbles.... it always makes me chuckle :-)

  4. I adore the look of limestone so much! Those old limestone orbs are beautiful. The bowling bowls are cool too. I have a great new product that you could use to make the bowling balls look like those limestone orbs too...I got some at Hobby Lobby. It is in the paint section and it is spray paint. I don't remember the exact name so forgive me, but it sprays on to look just like limestone....and it really does. I had some limestone looking lambs that were given to me as a gift. Their 'patina' wore off. I bought some of this spray paint. It did take two cans for the job but it really looked great!! And really like limestone! And I'm from Indiana....the limestone state!!!