Sunday, August 19, 2012

Exotic or Sci-Fi Flowers

Today welcomed a lovely morning of 58 degrees.
Perfect weather for weeding the flower beds.

I am not much of a flower gardener, but try to maintain the
various wild flowers that lived here before we did.   

Throughout the years I have added a few perennials.
Sadly Mother Nature has discarded some of my original favorites,
Black-eyed Susans and Echinacea.

Upon today's weeding, I questioned if two of my plants are seen as Exotic or Sci-Fi flowers.  

Evening Primrose looks like a sweet bloom; 

 however, they grow 12-18 feet
tall and peer in our kitchen windows
Their flowing ballet-style of movement as they dance in the breeze is awesome.  Although sometimes they startle me, especially at night,  when I walk into our kitchen and they are dancing and peeking in our windows.

When I originally transplanted two Evening Primrose into my  garden,
I also installed two Civil War corral posts to support them.
Here you can see the Civil War corral posts.
There are four loops in the post in which rope is woven
 to create the perimeter of a portable horse corral.  

I thought these Civil War posts would make suitable posts to support my Evening Primrose.  As you can see the Evening Primrose have a mind of their own.  They multiply & choose 
to grow wherever they want.

I kept the Civil War corral posts in my garden as they are
historically awesome. 

Now for my Passion Flower plants...
This was another plant I transplanted years ago.
It is a lovely perennial; however, had I known how invasive it is,
I would have never planted it.   

It would take over our house if I did not routinely trim it.  It sends shoots underground even under concrete.  During growing season, I am constantly weeding it from
other areas of our yard.

Besides it being a garden nuisance, it is offers gorgeous blooms.  Beyond 7am on a warm day you cannot get near this flower bed as the Passion Flower attracts butterflies
as well as swarms of bees.

Even this butterfly (perhaps a moth) looks a bit alien-Sci-Fi.

What do you see Exotic or Sci-Fi looking flowers?


  1. I just had no idea about those civil war corral interesting...and those plants are absolutely amazing. I'm stunned beyond belief. I have learned something today. Thank-you for the master gardening adventure.

  2. i luv those flowers they have such an exotic look. hugs