Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's Swap

I was honored to be included in Laurie's
Breakfast at Tiffany's fabric book swap.

This swap proved to be a challenge for me as I had never done a fabric page before.  Even though my page did not turn out as I had envisioned it, I learned a lot.

Here are my eight swap pages, front and back

Each swapper sent their eight finished pages to Laurie.
Laurie then bounded our pages with a front & back cover
 she created.

The highly anticipated arrival of our swap 
Laurie M. Jackson - Dream Maker, front cover

Laurie M. Jackson - My Friend..., inside front cover.  

Terry Wilkerson front page 

Terry Wilkerson - back page 

Lisa Stanton - front page

Lisa Stanton - back page

Tamatha Kaplan - Holly's Crazy Apartment,
front page

Tamatha KaplanShopping with Audrey,
back page

Suzanne Wingfield - front page 

Suzanne Wingfield - back page

Laurie M. Jackson - Little Pink Dress,
front page

Laurie M. Jackson - The Mind Reels,
back page

Linda McMillin - front page

Linda McMillin - Breakfast at Tiffany's Remembered,
back page

Tami Hacker (me) - front page

Tami Hacker (me) - back page

Laurie M. Jackson - Moon River and Me,
inside back cover page

Laurie M. Jackson - Salute to Audrey,
outside back cover page

Lots of Tiffany blue, white & black satin ribbons, lace, jewels, trim, cat, lyrics, but mostly amazing, creative talent! 

What a gorgeous fabric book we created.  Big, big heartfelt thanks and appreciation to my fellow swappers on this project!

This shared project was time consuming & sometimes frustrating, but ultimately it became a beautiful collaborated piece of art!  
We'd love to hear your comments on our fabric book.

Hugs to you ~ Tami


  1. I LOVED your page! Wasn't this a wonderful swap? Everyone did an amazing job and the finished project is a treasure!

  2. that was an amazing swap...super jealous..hugs

  3. It still makes me smile! Your page was gorgeous!!